1. Great design for making it brick-built. Reminds me of the yeti from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with the face and weight distribution

  2. I find it odd that you commented on this 12 minute long video only 3 minutes after it was posted to Reddit. What’s also odd is that your entire Reddit history seems to be generic comments applauding OP for their content, almost as if your account was created by OP to astroturf a fan base.

  3. Just a heads up, the comment with more context that you wrote on this post must have been caught by some language filter or link filter and isn’t immediately visible to anyone but you (and maybe the mods). If anybody wants to see that comment (without being able to interact with it), you have to view OP’s Reddit profile in a web browser in old Reddit mode.

  4. Is it officially on shelves now? I stopped by my local Target, Walmart, and Meijer yesterday and none of them had it

  5. It usually means that your comment was well-liked, especially relative to the other comments on the thread

  6. Playing the eternal student and having failed relationships

  7. You forgot the best part... its literally in the name. Biggest Penis Dick.

  8. Thanks. Tsk, tsk, tsk… it’s not that hard to follow rule #1 here

  9. Thanks for the reports. One of the few exceptions to Rule 1 is minifig accessories (helmets, weapons, etc), as long as the 3rd party brand name is not mentioned. We're working on rewording some of our rules and will make this more explicitly clear in the future.

  10. Ah, I see now. I was under the impression that

  11. It looks like the labels are both numbered 5006184 (which corresponds to the 2 x 2 box), so I would think the products are just shelved wrong or the labels are placed wrong.

  12. “This torso has variations in the dagger, star, and scale mail colors.”

  13. I thought NED-B was printed all around? Pao is the only other one I can find, and his is for his backpack. Do the carbonite bricks in the UCS Razor Crest count?

  14. Adjective + Noun + Number + posting a hodgepodge of content

  15. Found where it came from. The post content is from

  16. Is this from 10314? I’m asking since I’m suspicious of if these are actual Lego pieces and not a copycat.

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