1. how the fuck are you still in warranty? my fold 4 warranty is gonna be gone in like 5 months

  2. Some countries have 5 years warranty.

  3. what country is that. I'm starting a service where we buy electronics from that country and send it to everywhere in the world

  4. Not how the law works over here, so that wouldn't work.

  5. Good to know. Mind sharing more details?

  6. The poly only supports sbc bluetooth on android. No aptx, ldac, or anything like that.

  7. Thanks for the info! Very good to know. I’m considering poly mainly because of its dlna and upnp support. Reading head fi forum, I can see people managed to get that working right. And as far as I understand, you can either have it join your home wifi or create its own hotspot. Not really interested in Bluetooth or airplay so maybe there’s a chance it will work for me.

  8. If you use it as an sd-card player, use roon, tidal, or stream music you've downloaded on your phone, then it works pretty well.

  9. You could say the same about any expensive headphones though.

  10. Yearly? I went 6 years before changing the headband padding

  11. I've had mine for 14+ years now and haven't changed any of the pads. Wash them every few months.

  12. Are Alfas known for having problems as well?

  13. I don't quite understand why that many people buy Focal/Hifiman headphones when their quality issues are so widely known, can someone please tell me the reasoning behind your purchase, i just can't understand why you would spend over 1k on a pair of headphones knowing it has quality problems and is likely going to break in the next 3-4 years, i honestly expect a headphone that expensive to last me half a lifetime

  14. Where I'm from you have a 5 year warranty on anything. If the product fails during that time you get your money back. So, if you can get good audio quality there's nothing to be scared of.

  15. People buy lemons from any brand. Doesn't mean the brand is shit...

  16. I don't see why the case itself needs to be a different colour. I can understand wanting the iems themselves to be a certain colour.

  17. 1 pair for 3 years now. No problems.

  18. Their product naming guy must’ve skipped PS1 development, miraculously the PlayStations seem like the only product not plagued by the Sony naming curse

  19. PlayStation 1, PlayStation one, PlayStation 2, PSX, PlayStation 3.

  20. minuscule/irrelevant bonus dmg tbh. won't even kill off poxwalkers caught in the blast.

  21. Bleed is not for you, or for damage, it's for your team that gets huge buffs from bleed.

  22. I prefer controller myself, find doing more complex things like dashing/jumping while aiming + shooting, or complex footwork mixed with combos a lot smoother on pad. I'm also a decent shot with a controller tho so...

  23. Do you think you might have been even better if you used half a controller and a mouse?

  24. Some people have trouble aiming with a mouse, if you used to console this is completely understandable. I also find that the majority of people don't know that you can push the dog, to instantly free your teammate instead of shoot/hit him thus requiring multiple hit, no aim required here.

  25. It's perfectly fine to be a bad shot, but you really should be able to hit a dog, standing completely still, 5 meters in front of you.

  26. Because the enemy team are down 1 player, using close range suits and going 1v6 instead of flanking?

  27. Playing with good headphones helps that. Though I don't know the cue for sniper, do they have one? Dog, flamer, burster, mutant, trapper etc. are all very noticeable.

  28. Characters will shout "sniper!" If there's one. You'll also be able to see the red laser, and hear the sound of the charge before they shoot.

  29. I've actually never experienced not finding the unlocked weapons in the next rotation.

  30. Haven't had any problems getting a match on gamepass, no matter the time or difficulty. From EU.

  31. Some people don't really understand how to play games like this, they're not used to health not recharging on it's own, etc.

  32. You literally say they shouldn't give us capital because then people would stop playing after unlocking the units so your reasoning for us not getting capital then is a moot point if we shouldn't be playing the game to unlock units lol

  33. I'm stating that the developers want money.

  34. And I (and maybe some other players who have complained about similar issues) would be willing to put more money if, for example, I had more units to out cosmetics on. I bought the battle pass and already love the game, but even now I have things for units I've gotten in free pods I can't use because I don't have those units lol

  35. Oh booo hooo! 40 whole dollars? Imagine how mad you would have been if you had paid 90 for battlefield 😯

  36. Did battlefield promise a full story?

  37. Thank you wery much for this update and your continued communication. It's much appreciated.

  38. I bet i will have exactly the same frustrations as with USB ports

  39. There isn't much carapace armor in the game. Completely not worth it just for that.

  40. Every helmet, some elites, ogryns, etc. Only at lower difficulty you won't have a problem.

  41. How would you implement something like that without it causing problems with actual griefers?

  42. I wasn't a griefer here. I was called the n-word and then kicked. There has to be some kind of balance so this doesn't happen.

  43. I'm not saying you were. I am asking how you would make it so that a group of friends can't kick someone, but also be able to kick someone who griefs them.

  44. Go 10 missions without detonating at all.

  45. We damn near kicked this guy at the end of a malice assasination mission. Guy had a medpack and everyones pinging him and typing in chat to fucking drop it so we can heal,. cuz we were being bullied HARD. Instead he kept running circles away from us and almost cost us the mission. He finally responded and said "oh, i forgot about the medpack" after he went down, and my buddy picked it up and dropped it for us after reviving us.

  46. Had one person shooting every barrel when people were close, and hogging all the ammo.

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