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VALORANT 4.10 Bug Megathread

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  1. If you implanted a small weed nug into your A button (cast in resin), you wouldn’t get into legal trouble right? No shot this is mentioned in any major’s rule set also lmao

  2. all fun and games until EVO Singapore you get executed on the main stage

  3. How come stadiums are tax payer funded? Isnt that fucked up?

  4. Because they provide a ton of revenue for the city, tons of new businesses and is a city improvement that can attract more people and businesses to the city.

  5. yeah I feel like all that revenue being generated is not going to the taxpayers, its going to the NFL and the stadium owners and the corporations that have sales in them. I dont think this helps the city any more than it helps the elite

  6. There's only 1 comment in that entire thread that comments about how much he's playing Ultimate and all it says is that he's not practicing Melee enough to win at a high level. He's not an Hbox fan saying that he would definitely win if he focused Melee.

  7. man I dont know he has cited sources bro

  8. Someone is getting autobalanced to the Blu team, it's just a matter of who.

  9. 2010, Vision, Tabula Rasa, Fire in the Hole. Those are the main ones I listen to pretty often

  10. Had to get low like the jail pose, I picked up the penny and left

  11. Damn, Qui-gon was a wuss. Apparently a stab to the gut can be walked off.

  12. So dumb. Also vader is hunting jedi across the galaxy but can't be fucked to finish off a jedi youngling backstabber

  13. How a billion dollar 100 year old entertainment corporation cant make a show with vader and obi wan at least a 4/10 is beyond me. This is like 0/10. Nothing makes any sense at all. The fuck is this? Feels like a joke

  14. Look at this guy and his vacations

  15. I had so much expectations for this show because of the Mandolorian but wow they really ran out of effort and budget just like with Bobba Fett.

  16. Boba fett is way better than kenobi

  17. I disagree, as dumb as things are in Kenobi at least theres something going on and you can genuinely turn off your brain and be entertained, meanwhile in Boba theres barely anything moving forward its just walking around city and meeting the blandest characters in the franchise, with some occasional flashbacks. The best part of Boba Fett is when its not even about Boba fett, i really enjoyed the 2 mando episodes because they realised their show sucked and had to put back an actual good show.

  18. Kenobi to me reminds me of like a shitty 2000s movie with the way the dialog is and the logic behind the reasons in it. I thought the dialog in boba was way better and the show made more sense. Machete guy's character, Mayor's secretary jester guy, and Boba Fetts new sidekick are all better characters than Reva from kenobi by far. I have no idea why in the fuck a show about darth vader chasing kenobi you do not make the main villain darth vader. Like what the fuck. The idea of it just fucks me

  19. which ones? I was watching an ultimate major recently and I thought the commentary was awful

  20. Where is the BoBC4 sunday streaming schedule? It’s probably easy to find, but i am old chunk of coal lost on the internet.


  22. I fucking live for these comics

  23. Why do people prefer Melee over Ultimate? Why wouldn’t you want more characters, stages, fighting mechanics, etc?

  24. I like when he mines and builds walls

  25. I wasn’t getting a locked 60 with some occasional drops at first but it seemed to be smoothing out after a couple games. I was playing at 720p with wide screen so there’s lots of room to bring settings down to get there.

  26. Maybe diet melee or see if you cam turn down resolution

  27. further more the orignial meme is "Okay class we are going to finger paint" "Kid named Paint" but someone anti memed it by making it kid by finger and putting mike

  28. Obi-Wan Kenobi has been fun but after BB/BCS binging it's pretty clear that all Disney stuff is considerably...sloppier. Like, in just the moment to moment storytelling. Not as artful. I still quite like Kenobi show so far buuut

  29. imagine if vince gilligan and Peter Gould had a star wars show deal....... chills

  30. Some Rap Songs - Earl Sweatshirt. The jazz of rap

  31. Fizzi makes like 100,000 a year in patreon donations, ranked is never coming out

  32. It kinda fixed itself I didnt have to do anything. You prob already tried this but trt reinstalling

  33. Ewan McGregor is hard carrying. Scenes without him are lackluster and sometimes even when hes onscreen the show sucks somehow. This is literally what people have been begging for and instead they gives us randy new characters. Just silly

  34. I love both but BCS gets the edge because I love the idea of a criminal lawyer so much and all the schemes they cook up in the legal space

  35. you can always just extend the current item filter by skipping a block and doing a new water, youll have to skip a block for the filter as well

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