1. The average home isn't that much larger. Your link is newly constructed homes.

  2. Compared to 50 years ago, the median size of homes has increased about 60%.

  3. It all depends on what people want to buy. For instance, a smaller family can buy a house with numerous bedrooms in case their extended family visits or they want to have an office.

  4. Fellow rare book collector here so obviously I love the movie (though the book - The Club Dumas - was better).

  5. How many copies of Dune is too many ;)

  6. I don't know but I think I'm reaching that limit. I have:

  7. Lol, no I'm just looking for exactly one more book and I think I'm done. I'll be selling some of these sets when the movie hits and price spike again. Definitely selling the Encyclopedias and likely the SFBC, Berkley, NEL sets, and the UK trilogy. I was actually tempted to buy the Dune Messiah/Children of Dune book club editions but thought nah.

  8. For the longest time I thought Niles had also played the Borg Drone "One" from the season 5 Voyager episode "One." Uh, turns out it wasn't him. Then I found $20.

  9. That was J. Paul Boehmer, if anyone wanted to know.

  10. I feel like some of these state laws are going WAY beyond what the theology or code of professional ethics requires. My understanding, across every religion I know of (and in the professions such as law and medicine), is that clergy/penitent privilege, aka "the seal of the confessional," only strictly applies to PAST actions, and that if the penitent confesses that they plan to commit a serious crime in the near future, the clergy are allowed to take any necessary actions to protect the intended victim, up to and including reporting what they know to law enforcement.

  11. That's the issue. As you said "permitted". It should be "required or they go to prison."

  12. No that's not what that section means. CP is against the law and Section 230 doesn't provide some blanket protection where it's now legal.

  13. Can't believe I've not read a darth vader yet... he was born into slavery, literally groomed by a warlord while being shunned by his "family"... accidentally kills his wife, loses his kids, loses most of his body parts and lungs... and to top it off he gets given a suit that is absolutely terrible and spends every waking moment in pain... man's life was awful

  14. Yeah poor guy where he allowed himself to be corrupted and turn against his friends. Did you forget "women and children too" quote? You can feel bad for him all you want or even defend his actions against Mace but when you see him whip out his lightsword against the younglings then he's lost. Even his final action before death does not redeem him. Exhibit A: youngblings. Exhibit B: ending of Rogue One. Fuck Darth Vader. Being slowly burned alive wasn't enough retribution for what he's done or what he'll do in the future.

  15. No one is wholly good or wholly bad, Anakin was a slave most of his life, first on tattione, then you could say a slave to the jedi order. He was separated from his mother at the age of 10, and then the first time he saw her in years she died. And then knew nothing but war and conflict for the rest of his life. He was groomed and manipulated by the most cunning and powerful Sith ever, all the insecurities he had were prayed upon and had the jedi order done more to help him none of it would have transpired. Anakin Skywalker was loyal, caring and loved deeply, for his friends, his mother, for Padme. His ability to love deeply was inverted when he fell to the dark side and he hated everyone and everything just as deeply.

  16. I can't imagine someone having redeeming qualities after they killed defenseless people, children - twice - and stood by as Alderaan was destroyed.

  17. That means people are going to die.

  18. There are 5 first-level comments that have been written in the last half hour but yours is the only one that actually cares about people. Thank you for showing your humanity.

  19. I never said this would be a successful coup attempt, just that they intend to incite violence in the attempt.

  20. There are less than 4,000 Hell's Angels. They are absolutely irrelevant in every way possible to any nationwide coup attempt. They - by themselves - might hold Chinatown in San Francisco by themselves but that's about it.

  21. Which is why they are not only courting one group. And are specifically courting them in California a location that they want to disrupt. And if you think the 4000 is all the angels can muster if they wanted, you are dangerous wrong.

  22. I kind of talked about it before but I'll be very explicit. No matter who they court, the only thing they need to do is convert the US military. If they fail that then you can enlist all the gangs in the country but they're going to quickly fall to the US military which has beaten actual militaries let alone random gangs who barely have any serious weapons like, say, tanks and jets. None of these people are going to hold any territory at all. They might kill some people and maybe some property damage but that's about it until the government is done literally mopping up whatever is left of their corpses.

  23. There's the famous worm-calling scene so I think that's what'll happen as a way to show that he's Fremen.

  24. Dan Carlin made a good point about the atrocities the Mongols did to the world, how brutal and extensive their massacres were, killing up to 500 million. Though today, what is talked about when it comes to the Mongols is the Silk Road, and how they connected trade routes between Europe and Asia.

  25. I got you both beat: no prison, 6 month probation, $100k fine. Which I'll apeal.

  26. Is that like blaming the poor for not wanting to be middle class because they're so invested in, checks notes, literally shoveling shit off the street?

  27. No it’s from a brilliantly well written book that explains why some civilizations flourish while others collapse, and uses a lot of “inexplicable” features of society to explain those concepts. A closely linked example is the number of successful Peasant Rebellions throughout history. The concept is that Bottom Up enforcement of social structure leads to a more durable civilization… for better or worse.

  28. You can have a brilliantly written book be wrong.

  29. best sci fi take, the asteroid moves out of the way at the last second then the new projected course is aimed at earth. did the asteroid just become the earth killer? roland emmerich to direct.....

  30. As long as it's written by James S. A. Corey :]

  31. What do you mean? I'm literally quoting history. Is it upsetting someone? Do you mean I should calm down or somesuch? Because this is quite soothing. Like a balm for the soul. Anyway here's some kore quotes of fascists eating shit.

  32. You need to touch real grass because Mussolini was an actual fascist and a dictator of Italy for years. Meloni is right wing and it's fine if you want to call her a fascist (it's trendy) but to say that electing her means Italy is back to the same rule as 1930s and, therefore, after a global war we'll have the same outcome for her is a bit much.

  33. Bangkok is actually trying to reinvigorate their heritage and they're following India's path. India changed Calcutta to Kolkata, its more traditional name, along with names of many other cities. As a result, Bangkok will soon be known by its more historical name, Bangpenis.

  34. Hey guys! I’m that one reload guy, head over to my YouTube for more of these!

  35. You're the guy? You're amazing! Just seconds of content that probably took hours but makes everyone laugh. Thank you for your videos :]

  36. Yeah, if Mark Zuckerberg walks into a McDonalds and orders a Big Mac. He has to pay taxes on the Big Mac. The concept that rich people don't pay tax is stupid.

  37. I understand taxes. I make pretty good money. I pay income taxes on it which includes Social Security.

  38. Stock could go to 0. This is the reason why I don't personally buy stocks even though I could. I do not feel comfortable in putting most of my money into something so volatile. Some early Microsoft employees were offered stock options, and they would have been billionaries if they accepted, but they didn't, because they wanted to be paid in cash. Cash has many benefits that stocks don't.

  39. On one hand, this is step in the right direction. On the other hand, I wonder how much water is being used by celebrities or corporations. But sure, every person needs to do their part even though vast majority of people combined are a small fraction of total use.

  40. There was an article recently about a city in SoCal where a lot of celebrities and other rich folk live. They kept violating the water restrictions, over using their alloted amount and paid the penalties, because they could afford it.

  41. I forgot which country does this. I want to say that it's one of the civilized ones in Europe but their fines for these things are related to the net worth rather than a set dollar amount.

  42. Are there fins hidden inside the radiator tubes?

  43. Fins? It's just folded metal to heat the room faster.

  44. Ah no, it's just hollow metal that is filled up with hot water which... radiates. No fins, this is pretty simple construction. They're also totally uncovered so they're hot. That's very nice if you want to heat something up - we put socks on these in the morning to get toasty socks.

  45. Jimmy Carter is the only one of the lot, and i once again stress that he is utterly alone in this category, that shouldn't be lowered into an active volcano.

  46. Jimmy Carter is a good person but not anywhere near the best President.

  47. Yeah, this is clearly an attempt at recreating what Soft White Underbelly does—and I appreciate the effort in humanizing unhoused folks on the streets.

  48. This is what confuses me. He was crushed and choked out by the cops but for some reason it was the ketamine given to an already motionless Elijah that killed him and the corner says the cops aren’t to blame?

  49. Probably the combination of being sat on and then injected.

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