1. Well that would just throw the life of the everyone in disarray. The rich family probably adopted the child without knowing that it’s a kidnapped child.

  2. Because most mods are leftists who favour or remove posts that they (dis)like which leds to hivemind Subreddits

  3. Would have been interesting. Also, what is far right and what is just the right? Propaganda language as usual.

  4. We have the AfD which are right(and have some neo Nazis in their ranks) and NPD and „der Dritte Weg“ are far right(as they are neo Nazis)

  5. Is there at least one monarchist group there that doesn’t have neo nazis in it?

  6. „Tradition und Leben“ seems to do it the right way

  7. Also that she probably is responsible for killing Billions of beings by crossing to a different world isn’t justifiable as every world she/Doctor strange and America go to seems to get destroyed by their presence.

  8. Only Yuri and Solution interacted with her if I remember correctly. Yuri (and Pestonya) is training her to become a good maid (given Yuri's good personality she should have a friendly relationship with Tuare ... maybe she even ships Tuare with Sebas like Pestonya).

  9. Lupu would probably really befriend her as she would be quite easy to tease like Enri

  10. For Crossovers If the author overestimates one or the other

  11. The only problem is that then you need someone to administer those rules. And then you're just giving them the ability to abuse power.

  12. I mean the same could also be said about every political office.

  13. Well OP should have clarified it so it can be seen immediately

  14. sorry I thought the general theme of the post implied that they didn't want to catch you and play monopoly

  15. Well they could have also just captured me and or something along the lines

  16. The picture of boreas would be more appropriate for maar

  17. I thought it was staged. Last scene on that cart had him smile right?

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