1. Peter Weir also directed The Last Wave which is also surreal and dreamlike in parts. I enjoyed both of these movies as they felt very different from other movies of the time.

  2. Simple. I would rather have people on the mats for, literally, five minutes than not at all. Do I want them there the whole time? Of course. But as other mentioned, life happens. Also there are people out there for whom showing up to class AT ALL is a monumental achievement (not being sarcastic). If that means my gym isn't "serious" than I'll gladly take it.

  3. It's like in my gym, everytime there's a wave of new people coming in, I swear that 50-75% of them have the same first name.

  4. I know people (BBs) who have rolled/trained with him firsthand and say that he's legit and has been for a while. Not saying that he's ADCC quality or anything but a lot of the idea that he "can't grapple" was BS and based on him getting subbed by some of the best grapplers in MMA.

  5. I enjoy Masters of the Universe (while FULLY acknowledging it's awful parts, of which there are many) but love Frank Langella. Courtney Cox didn't hurt either.

  6. I caught Joe Dirt once on tv when I was like 6-7. I remember I kept looking over my shoulders because my grandpa was sleeping in the couch behind me and I was afraid he wouldn’t like the movie. I loved every second of it.

  7. Why don't you go practice, fallin' down, I'll be there in a minute.

  8. Fairly common though I do think there can be a point where it's deceptive. If it's a gym that VERY prominently highlights a known person in their ads and basically is saying "Hey, come on down to our gym and train with Person X" and Person X literally never teaches, or teaches once a month, and is otherwise not ever at the does start to feel like a scam.

  9. He just started jiu jitsu when that happened. He probably had less than 2 years experience.

  10. Agreed though for somebody who has wrestled as long as he had at that point, I'd like to think he'd have a little more control is all.

  11. When people actually learn your name is generally a compliment, especially at white belt.

  12. Lol, it’s true. I was giving some two and three stripes a hard time. Still learning their names. I said “i will commit your names to memory if you get your blue belts”. They laughed uncomfortably 🙃. I have been helping them out a good bit in class, but it is our bigger class so it takes me a while.

  13. The worst is when you try to learn their name, do it, and then they ghost for two months and then show up again and I've long since deleted their name from my mind.

  14. American Ninja. I loved this movie as a kid. I tried to watch it a year or so ago. Wow, is that movie bad. Really really bad.

  15. 2 is the stronger film, James has more to do in it and they have more action in it.

  16. Totally agree, they kind of hit their stride with 2. It's just better paced and more focused.

  17. When I have someones back in seatbelt or double under:

  18. Threaten the choke and make them focus on that. In a lot of cases that will make them pay less attention to you putting your hooks in.

  19. That’s so true, I used to seriously coach football / soccer and only once did I make enough from it to only have that as my only job.

  20. Thank you. Most "sponsored" athletes are getting tshirts as payment and a percentage of the approximately $20 worth of supplements or whatever they can get people to buy by spamming out ads/links.

  21. Oh ya I'm not saying sponsorships make you some superstar. But it at least shows you have some sort of stake/dedication in the sport

  22. 100% agree. Don't get me wrong, it's cool to be recognized and sponsored, I just love it when some people act like it makes them better than other people when all they have to show for it is a water bottle with the company logo on it and links to get a 10% discount on more merch lol.

  23. Not sure why you're being down voted considering his gym is in Toledo

  24. Agreed. I mean...I would downvote the city of Toledo in general, but his statement about the location of the gym is 100% accuate.

  25. Off the top of my head: If you like museums, The History Museum and The Science Museum are both right in downtown (and I enjoy them). Summit Avenue is where all the rich people/big old houses in St. Paul are and also has a number of schools so it's a fun mix/vibe. Cathedral Hill has a bunch of restaurants/bars etc as does the Highland neighborhood. We also have a (shockingly to some) large Asian population so there are some really good smaller restaurants scattered around.

  26. R2D2 & C3P0 have been playing a joker & straight-man comedy duo far before Disney.

  27. I think you can argue also that Han is played for comedy in a number of situations. It works for sure, but it isn't like SW is just straight drama throughout up until recent.

  28. Just depends on context and who you are rolling with etc. As mentioned by another commenter, it won't make you friends at the gym (especially if they aren't ready for it, or you suddenly ramp up the intensity etc) but it's a part of BJJ and I don't consider it "dirty", just "hard edged".

  29. So you are saying I should not make the 14 year old that I have 80 lbs on tap to pressure?

  30. I just saw this back in the theaters about a week or two ago and it was SO great, and Bob was amazing in it.

  31. He's such a weird dude. I get the vibe he really loves the engagement he gets on social media, he gets his ego stroked by being told he's such a good guy for doing this anti bullying thing and he's in such good shape for his age blah blah blah. He comes across like a dude that would be a good friend to have if you knew him well personally, but he is an absolute fuckin sack of custard on social media.

  32. Yeah, I've trained with him a tiny bit and it's a weird vibe. If he likes you I imagine he's very loyal (in a classic meathead sense) but he's also very much about himself and his ego and getting validated constantly for being a saint etc. So anything that goes against that image, even if it's from a relative "nobody" he flips his lid.

  33. I'm old enough to have lived through the (original) Karate Kid/TMNT/Ninja movie wave where it sparked everybody and their cousin to enroll in karate, TKD, Kung Fu or whatever. None of that seemed to stop bullying so I'm not sure why BJJ would be any different.

  34. Can't say anything about the film but don't care for the poster. The balance between quotes and images feels very top heavy and "off". The image itself also doesn't feel very strong. But who knows, might be a great movie.

  35. Yeah, and if you include all that stuff he had a career about on the level with Chris O'Donnell. Who stars in an NCIS spinoff.

  36. I must have missed Chis O'Donnell being in the indie film series Guardians of the Galaxy...

  37. Also must have missed the bit where I said "without Fast and Furious."

  38. He was in a bunch of films, already mentioned, before Fast and Furious. He was also in the legendary Street Sharks commercial.

  39. i dont think mel really wanted a career in hollywood though. this may not be your thing and is a massive change of subject but i have done a lot of research on the illuminati. i heard a couple of really disturbing interviews with Mel- about the disturbing shit that goes on behind the curtains. I think he wanted out and was under a huge amount of stress. people are unaware of the satanic rituals that go on there. It's one of the reasons he fucked off to his own private island. hollywood was messing him up

  40. Not to be unkind but....which of these two things are more likely.

  41. The unfortunate reality of BJJ is that, even with its many wonderful qualities, it attracts a fair number of meatheads and people with serious emotional problems who are using BJJ as an excuse to control and abuse others. If this post is sincere, I'd suggest looking for a new gym.

  42. Question. Would a “bro handshake” type grip be considered dirty. As your leveraging their thumb mostly. If it’s not obvious, I’m a white belt.

  43. Good question and no I don't think of that as dirty as long as you aren't wrenching on the finger itself.

  44. Grabbing less than three fingers. Not always intentional so I hesitate to call it purely "dirty" but I see it too often when people are fighting guillotines or similar attacks.

  45. One of my favorite subversions of this is Courtney Cox’s cameraman in Scream 2. When he finds out what happened to the cameraman in the first Scream and people start dying, he simply gets in a taxi and leaves town.

  46. Reminds me of The Taking of Deborah Logan. After everything starts going nuts the cameraman takes off as someone is saying "You can't just leave!" etc and it was VERY satisfying because it felt very real to me. Like...wait, I'm supposed to risk my life for this documentary?!

  47. While thinking about other actors that didn't want to be on set and you could tell, it makes me think of Raul Julia taking the role of M. Bison in Street Fighter. He was said to have taken the role solely because his kids loved the game series and did it for them knowing he was sick and dying. He probably knew that it was going to be shit, but you know what he did because he was an adult and professional? He fucking rocked the role taking it seriously and being the one good thing to come out of it. He died right before it was released, but his family helped him to set during filming so that they could enjoy that time with him.

  48. I love this answer. There's something very honorable about saying "you know what...this movie is going to suck and there's nothing I can do about that, but I agreed to do the job so I'm going to do the best job I can." The movie was begging for a super over the top delivery and he went for the throat and it was great.

  49. People are complaining about Bill Murray in the new Ant Man movie, like, "why waste Bill Murray in such a small part, you could have made him an important recurring character in the MCU!?" and I'm just like, "have you seen Bill Murray lately? He doesn't want to be a big important character."

  50. Agree completely. A little bit of Bill goes a long ways these days.

  51. You can be a world class jiujitsu competitor while also being an absolute shit training partner

  52. Gi is actually really more fun and the most popular form of BJJ practice despite no-gi being way more in vogue at the competition and professional level.

  53. "More fun" by what metric? I came up doing both and couldn't drop the gi fast enough because I found it boring as hell.

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