1. When you are crap at jigsaws but give it your best shot

  2. I think therapy is BS too in most instances. It seems to be a very American thing and in this instance it's shifting the culpability for his behaviour away from him and making it a "therapy issue"

  3. There's nothing you can do, you have no rights at all at this point.

  4. I take pre payments in the run up to Xmas but I'm extremely clear it's non refundable. I send over an invoice marked as non refundable too.

  5. Do you feel that you deserve to be paid for the two weeks?

  6. You're an investment genius by the sounds of your comments. Portfolio up 25% this year? C'mon, elaborate on how that guy's comments are fact and how your brilliant portfolio of investments can't buy you a big house in Scotland because of LBTT. I work in investment management so I'm dying to hear about your genius...

  7. I already stated I did nothing. No genius required or found here. I'm not sure what you want me to explain, it's entirely laid out in the post?

  8. What is your asset allocation for this brilliant portfolio was what I was eluding at... Explain why that other guy is correct. All he did was make unfounded claims which are contrarian to the real world. Clearly no genius, just some guy who likes to dole out advice to others over the Internet with no actual clue of reality.

  9. Some guy who values his time more than to get into a pointless chat with another guy who enjoys being angry and calling people names. Let's just agree that you are the superior intellect and are clearly right and move on :)

  10. The rental market is mental just now. Estate agents are crying out for rentals but I'm guessing nobody new wants to be a landlord right now.

  11. My investment net worth has increased by almost 25% in a year by doing nothing. Almost all of my investment assets are in USD.

  12. As a girl, I don’t get this obsession with height. I genuinely thought it was a meme, but the more I hear the more I think it’s actually real.

  13. At 6 foot 5 I'm told I'm handy AF for reaching the last chocolate on the top shelf. Not so much attractive as useful but I'll take it.

  14. Post it on social and name them here. I wouldn't use a business that did this to kids either. Her first experience of the working world and she has been scammed.. :(

  15. Splitting up with her would actually be a kindness in the long run. Be honest that her behaviour has driven you away and wish her well for the future. She will most likely try and shift blame and say you are leaving her for someone else. Be firm but polite and make sure she knows that her behaviour has led to you no longer enjoying her company.

  16. He would have been fired over the sticker thing for me. The helicopter thing I could have maybe put down as an accident but he would have been on thin ice. The stickers are a deliberate gross misconduct.

  17. As a bloke this isn't cool. I wouldn't go there unless directly asked at which point I am honest to a point. I have a type and my wife knows it so it would be pretty silly of me to deny i found someone attractive. My wife is my type though so I don't think she is phased by it.

  18. It's done now so other than planning to leave nothing else is productive.

  19. I suspect a move to England will be attractive to me when the divide gets wider on taxation. I wouldn't ever choose to move to London though. Its world's apart from anywhere here. Tried working there for 6 months, not my cup of tea

  20. Suffered from fraud not assault but can confirm they are completely useless. The only way I could have guaranteed any attention would be to have one round and kicked the crap out of him. Then they would find all the time in the world

  21. Rats have very bad eyesight and it’s not uncommon for them to think fingers are food, especially if fed through the bars. This could account for their biting.

  22. We had a bitey rat that has now stopped. Because he has learned hands either mean food or being taken out for a play. I would imagine with enough neglect. They would all revert back. Though its a nip not a bite in most cases

  23. Op your gut is right. Do not do this under any circumstances. If she wants to leave you over it then that's her choice.

  24. Would you want to have sex with someone that wasn't enjoying it?

  25. This one will hurt Scotland too. They wont pass on that 5% so there will be a 6% delta for crossing an easy border.

  26. I'm not sure if this was meant for me as I can't see the context of the question against what I posted. The block grant won't impact someone's personal tax

  27. You live in the centre of a major city and can easilely afford a house keeper so you have options.

  28. Have you asked your wife what her viewpoint on your MIL staying is?

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