1. He glitch has been patched. I didnt realise and wasted 14 boards on it

  2. Nah, you can do it in like 1 week if you play a couple hours per day.

  3. How do you get it in a week? Hey at 180k coins. Any tips?

  4. Default Frank and Tiger Frank are both the best. Clown Frank sucks

  5. I am an atheist. There is so much evidence that disproves god. I genuinely feel like someone got high and then created the bible as a joke

  6. I dont think lancer will be a problem because pistols arent exactly the best weapons in the game. Just worry about shotguns

  7. Every one has already completed that, including me, who got the game a week ago. If you want super runner tricky you better hurry up. Good luck

  8. Lmao i just used 3 score multipliers every run and didnt die once

  9. Love this skin. Im not personally apart of the LGBT community, but i have to say this character looks amazing

  10. 30 multiplier with 3 score boosters and a 2x multiplier? I have 24 multiplier right now. Its killing me

  11. Technically, even after en croissant 🥐, the queen is still trapped

  12. Well, after all its an opinion, a wrong one, but an opinion, so I respect it

  13. Ive got pretty much the same as you. I’ve mastered every class except dmr’s and im on 98%. If you have mastered every class and you still have nit got nova, it means you havent mastered enough weapons still

  14. I dont really know what you want. I guess just watch every single ad that will get you extra coins?

  15. I found this too. Basically, you can only complete 1 stage at a time. So if you got 50,000,000 score in the first stage you wouldn’t complete the entire thing, just the first stage

  16. If you count bottom left one 17 you can barely see it

  17. You have sticky fingers as a genetic deficiency and you weren’t actually moving the pawn to the queen

  18. This is not your first post and dont need to flex i got all brawlers power 9 and rank 20

  19. That is also not flexing. I dont have that but I wouldn’t say it if i did have all power 9’s

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