1. "At Beeeeee- Kaaaaay, have it your way" "you rule!" Dear lord it's awful, I'm not going to eat there, make it stop!

  2. No. People are not as good as they let on. Knowing would leave you very lonely.

  3. Red and yellow curry. The stench alone ruins my appetite.

  4. Keep that a secret! I would only tell the direct people that I would share the winnings with and swear them to secrecy. Because our peace, sanity. And the safety of our children depend upon us shutting the hell up.

  5. No pressure to groom or wear fancy clothes, brown hoodie, Carhartt overalls, croc's, trucker hat. Off to The Home Depot.

  6. Many years ago, when I was in a committed relationship I would rent a hotel room for a night just to be alone like that.

  7. Solo vacations. My wife and I have been doing that for years. She goes overseas with her travel group, and I get 4-5 days in Vegas. You need space to still be you.

  8. Close the borders of the US. Set a date by which persons in the country without documentation must register for citizenship. Then offer them real legitimacy and an opportunity to become citizens.

  9. To let people be themselves and to worry about only yourself

  10. "You worry 'bout yo'self" best advice to come from a 3 year old.

  11. People don't take the vows seriously, they're lazy and don't want to stay together when it's so easy to just call it off. Marriage that lasts is hard work.

  12. Besides the extinguisher and plunger: 2 towels, 1 spoon 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 pack of paper plates. An air mattress a pillow and 2 blankets

  13. I'd say in general, yes, though you could argue that stepping on an empty can of soda that you purchased with your own money is nothing, but setting your house on fire is very serious.

  14. Key lime pie. Because I'm tart and tangy but also sweet, my favorite color is green, but at first glance, I'm white as whipped cream.

  15. I bought my wife an absolute boulder on white gold for our wedding. She liked it and wore it for 10 years. On our 10th anniversary I got her one of those past-present-future three stone rings that were popular at the time. It's absolutely beautiful and eye-catching. Then we started traveling overseas. She did not want to get robbed or lose a finger over a chunk of platinum and diamonds, so she asked for a simple sterling silver comfort fit band. Now she wears that all the time and those 4 big diamonds sit in the safe. She won't sell them or give them to our daughter, "because they're my wedding rings" Oh well.

  16. Feb 3rd 2013, I got up and went to church. Then had lunch and went to band practice for 2-3 hours.

  17. My mother in law. And my best friends mom. I lived at their house a lot growing up.

  18. That's a good neighbor thing to do. Unless there's anything on that clip that you don't want seen.

  19. We were putting on a show and we hired a pro lighting designer. I had spent a few hours programming looks and patterns into the lighting console and had at least a starting point to work from. The lighting guy showed up and I showed him what I had done. He said, cool is the client married to these looks? I said no we can do whatever we want. He said cool, saved my work, blanked the console, and in 45 minutes programmed a totally new show that made my presets look like Jr. High theater. That's why you hire a pro.

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