1. I tried the island punch and they worked really well for me! I have absorption issues with edibles, but since these were nano emulsified, my body was easily able to digest and retain the THC! Was happy with the price point too not too bad.

  2. Ohio's finally starting to keep up w/the other legal states, attempting at least. Hopefully we'll see single source, strain specific edibles next.

  3. There’s no evidence that single sourced edibles have any additional effects, and or terpenes added to edibles. Your stomach acid just destroys everything that’s not THC, because most of the other cannabinoids and terpenes are very volatile and easily break down. THC instantly binds with fat in your stomach when you ingest it. Hope this helps, don’t get caught up in the advertising schemes of these companies!

  4. When you get your recommendation you have 180 days to register with the state before you have to acquire a new recommendation before you can register. If you register July 1-31/2022 it will expire July 31/2023. It’s a way for the state to make more money. Remember, our MMJ system was only set up when we as a state we’re about to make it a constitutional amendment. Only then did the republicans in office rush to push through their own law and system that nullified the need for the constitutional amendment and they put their friends in charge. Our medical program is based on greed. I’ve had other patients tell me stories of them being pulled over by police. Showing them their med card on their phone, on the state’s website and being told by the officer it’s a fake and they stole that person’s medication without filing any charges or a ticket. This state runs on corruption and greed. Vote this November if you’d like to see things get better.

  5. Ohio is a non-digital compliant state. You have to have a physical up to date copy of your card or they automatically assume it’s fake or unverifiable. Confiscate your materials and send you on your way. I’ve heard of some cops giving tickets too but they’d get thrown out if you went to court. There’s a lot of tricky loopholes in the entire system. It does need amended.

  6. That’s a crazy a Low percentage for the Terps. Basically they listed below 1% which is terrible. Plus over 80% of the limited terp profile is Myrcene which is a Indica Terp & this is listed as a Sativa. Let us know how it is because right now I’m extremely skeptical

  7. The terpene percentage is accounted per gram, so it’s not the worst levels. I’ve had this strain before it’s very Sativa leaning in effects. The Myrcene acts like a booster not as much as Indica dominant as you may think, it’s a top terp in a lot of heavy sativas because it heightens the effects of other terps like Pinene limonene and terpinolene or ocimene.

  8. I saw another post where someone was commenting on how the label on the terps is slightly confusing. I can’t remember specifics but basically he said it was like 8.something % for the top terp. Still amazing and way above average

  9. It’s 22.8%~ terpenes. That’s a FUCK LOAD. Most extracts in the program rarely see over 10% most never crest 5%. This is insane.

  10. I mean anyone can be allergic to anything, I’d save it and cross reference the ingredients to identify what it is exactly. I’m allergic to bay leaves, didn’t know until I ate a meal cooked with them and my throat swelled and my skin rashed, took me like 3-4 times eating different meals with bay leaves until I figured it out.

  11. Purple Punch Sugar was pretty awesome. Tasty and relaxing high. Sophora is my favorite strain so far, super high Myrcene. Velvet cookies is also really good had that one a couple times in the live Badder. Only strain I haven’t enjoyed was Garlic Breath, kinda tasted like mint (not my cup of tea).

  12. Thank you for the info! What other companies in the Ohio program do you recommend for concentrates?

  13. Wellspring Fields is my #1, Klutch / Standard Wellness are my #2 but only their live resin’s and budders, and Superflux / Firelands are my #3 but Firelands is the only solventless extractor I enjoy. I think most brands ruin their rosin with low micron bags. Usually tastes like leaves and stems. Resin is a lot more flavorful IMO and has better effects due to higher terpenes output.

  14. Think of our program like a parent/child relationship. The child does things against the rules, often testing the waters and how far they can reach. The parent has to discipline them when they get caught, but doesn’t want to harm their development or hinder their success because they want them to succeed.

  15. Take your total terpene content, divide by total THC content, then move the decimal over 2 places for the % of terpenes. If it’s over 4-5% it’s likely gonna give you terp burn which is why your lungs feel compressed/collapsed.

  16. Terp burn?? This is a thing? That would explain why Klutch LR hits me like a truck! I didn’t think high terpene content would cause that.

  17. Yep! Terpenes are extremely volatile and are natural irritants to your tissue so when they are in large enough quantities they irritate your lungs,throat,mouth.

  18. These compounds deteriorate before cure is finished. So when you get “Skunky” weed it’s due to an unfinished cure.

  19. Unfinished cure or not, that skunk butt smell tells me I'm gonna knocked on my ass.

  20. Just grow your own and smoke it straight from harvest, guaranteed skunky lol.

  21. For someone with chemistry in their name you sure don't know too much about chemistry. Lol

  22. Why would chemical extraction destroy the terps?

  23. Terpenes are hydrophobic like THC, but they’re also much more volatile than THC so they have a lower boiling point, usually their evaporation rates are significantly higher than THC too, which is why if you leave a container of dabs open then most likely your terpenes are dissipating into air over time. They get destroyed with chemical extraction because most solvents are polarized molecules that don’t preserve the terpene molecules. Also, sometimes the terpenes can change form and turn into isoprenes which can be potentially toxic. That’s why for CO2 they usually pull all the terps out first. Butane does a decent job of preserving them but only in the pressurized chamber.

  24. But the extraction itself shouldn’t destroy the molecules? Something like ethanol is a decently polar molecule, but it’s not going to actual interact with the terpenes, except noncovalently. You’re just leaving the terpenes behind, not destroying them?

  25. I suppose “destroy” was a poor choice of a word, but they are not the same after extraction, they change chemically into isoprenes, and monoprenes. They are still prevelant but in a different form. Ethanol and other solvents break down carbon atoms which is what terpenes are primarily made of. Those bonds start to breakdown and it changes the molecule itself. Terpenes are safe for our consumption but isoprenes and monoprenes are cancerous which is why they say not to take high temp dabs. Because high temp can break down the carbon bonds and cause the molecules to change.

  26. It’s crystalline THC. Which means it’s almost pure THC and the THC is binding together. It’s not defective, it’s old. The longer Live Resin sits the more it’ll crystallize together

  27. Farnesene helps with all indigestion/intestinal illness, that terpene is found in a lot of gelato strains and crosses. Humulene has also helped me with my IBS as well a lot. That is a terpene found in abundance kind of unpredictably.

  28. The card expiration is longer than the doctors recommendation because when your card expires it’s illegal for you to carry or possess products technically.

  29. BOP can terminate your patient status, law enforcement can still write you misdemeanors if you are not using the products in a “compliant manner”

  30. If you signed up for their emails you’d know it’s 4 botanist gummies for 20% off and bogo 50% off on their superflux sugar

  31. I swear if they don’t list the terpene levels I will never buy them. I don’t care how good your shit is, give me the medicinal measurements of my medicine.

  32. Everyone is sucking off Klutch but I’m not convinced! I’ve tried pretty much every brand and my absolute favorite is Wellspring. They have the best sugar wax, live resin, and budders I’ve had in the entire program. Their products are 90% of the time easy to use so they aren’t sticky goopy shit that’s gonna get all over my station and piss me off. Their terpene levels are usually amongst the highest which entails relates to me using less medicine over the day / week and allows me to save money. I’ve had 3 concentrates from Klutch throughout their revamp and new extractors and it has always been delicious and potent but I didn’t like the texture of the material and I had to use substantially more than I’d consider my average. Overall I think Wellspring takes the cake, on the more economical side Standard Wellness has been potent and well made products as well.

  33. What are your favorite pick ups from wellspring?

  34. Some of my favorites from them have been- GMO, Mag Pie, Dirty30, Cookies&Cream, Glass Slipper, and Golden Goat. Their new greasy monkey is pretty good too. Most of their strains are high in Caryophyllene , Limonene, and Myrcene, but they have had high levels of all terps across their different strains.

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