1. I recently did this. For me it was because rouge state is running wild leading to the coalition to losing vp, no one else outside the coalition still playing. So I just want to end the game and move on

  2. 10x you’d build up an army and just bum rush every city instantly. You’d take 2-3 countries before anyone logs on

  3. That's what China do to me, I caught him off guard and I take his Capital easily because his troops died in my land

  4. It seems that there are really strict limitations on whether they can land in other airbases before insta-dying. We are talking about advanced fighters not being able to reach friendly airbases. Seems like this change to the game will lead to the spamming of airbases for safety’s sake.

  5. If a planes being flying for a while exhausted most it’s fuel and an air base is destroyed there’s a solid chance irl that it wouldn’t make it to an air base.

  6. I like to try and pin 2 countries together by sharing fake intel and making it seem mutually beneficial than double cross them both

  7. Annexing is a great strategy. On the world maps, I like to find a dense group of cities (Israel for example) and annex all the cities to make a mobilization assembly line away from my homeland.

  8. I do the opposite, if I’m invading across seas I’ll establish a base of operations, annex a city or 2 and product in the area I’m invading

  9. I’m seeing it more commonly used these days. It’s a quick and easy way to quickly expand your army

  10. Day 20 with established missile unit plus elite captain please he’s golding

  11. Mate I’m 8/19 games which isn’t bad. Had some close podium finishes in there too. I’ve simplified the game. inf, tank, strike fighters and destroyers (nation depending) are what I use. Later in the game I’ll get different air defences and missiles (usually around the time missiles are common). If I’m against a good player artillery helps. But early game I’ll aim to get lev 5 production across the board, and deploy limited troops (enough to repel) I’ll than take easy territory using multiple units of at least 4 tank and 4 inf. From there you can expand. If you take or have coastal cities you must get ships ASAP to protect

  12. I use them in overkill. I level them to lev 3 leave 3 tank 3 inf and some air defence and carry on

  13. Samoa are playing shithouse. They were clear favourites to win the game

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