1. It's not uncommon for drug addicts to abandon their kids places for weeks at a time. They know who to leave their kids with that would be used to it.

  2. OP’s point is that Ian and Kash could’ve done it in the walk-in refrigerator and not out in the open where the cameras are. The refrigerator was always the go-to even with Mickey. It’s kind of ridiculous that they would do it out where the cameras are as soon as they are installed

  3. Yes but in the episode, they address that there are cameras EVERYWHERE including the walk in fridge. The cameras come down by Mickey and Ians time

  4. In the age of Cancel Culture and people joyfully calling each other out for social currency, I’m surprised this has never come up in the discussion.

  5. Part of it is definitely the fact that some people are ok with gruesome, disgusting violence, but sex is somehow "too far." I won't deny that prejudices play a role here.

  6. The book as a whole thematically deals with the evolution from childhood to adulthood, which many, if not most, consider sex to be a part of. I had the same reaction as you, but it really isn't as out of place as its made out to be.

  7. There are way more overweight people than underweight people in modern western society. I think they were specifically talking about overweight people in this instance. Obviously something should be done about eating disorders, however, I don’t know if we have to bring them up each time we talk about weight loss. That is a completely different issue in my opinion. But I’m interested in your opinion.

  8. Congratulations on your recovery, keep up the work because I know it's a lifelong commitment. People tend to flock towards hating on fat folks for some reason.

  9. Honestly, I thought this would be more controversial than it was. A lot of the comments prior were basically saying “Oh, the guy should have worn a condom anyways,” effectively putting the blame and consequences of her deception on him.

  10. In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these felonies are part of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories

  11. The wax argument over simply helping a coworker in need is still bs. Desinfect those plugs after jesus christ.

  12. Ok so you weren't genuinely curious then, you were baiting for argument. You are free to do what you'd like, but lack of planning on someone elses part does not an emergency make for me.

  13. Ah yes but making generalizations about people and calling them retarded is exemplary behavior of how kind you are 🫠

  14. I have read two of the three books and I really liked them. Its by no means top tier writing, but its entertaining and a quick read, perfect for travel. The books were different but both the show and books have been great IMO

  15. I've always wondered since frank wasn't Ian's dad, was Frank's brother also Debbie's dad since she's also a redhead like ian??

  16. My thoughts are that for anyone who has digested any type of true crime media, it makes perfect sense why they didn't call the cops. Not a plot hole at all, IMO, a very realistic response to a domestic abuse situation.

  17. I do agree that it’s realistic in a domestic abuse situation. This is not a domestic abuse situation

  18. I mean, its her previous lover becoming obsessively controlling over her to the point of kidnap and potentially murder. Not sure why you would not classify that as domestic abuse

  19. Actually, my take is that before they even get a warrant to search his apartment or determine his identity is fake, he would have fled the country. Doesn't matter much what they know you've done if you're not there to prosecute

  20. At the point where Nadia finds Marianne Joe has forgotten that he even has her in a cage. No way for him to flee from something he doesn't even know is happening.

  21. He hasn't forgotten, his mind had split. Bet money "Rhys" is paying some level of attention to this situation even if "Joe" isn't. That's excusing the fact no judge is signing a warrant just based on hearsay or even witness testimony.

  22. This^ CNC isn't just rpe fantasy. It is somewhere between gaining consent each time you initiate any physical contact and the far end extreme case of rpe play. Everyone jumps to the extreme when it's really more middle for most people.

  23. Straight up. Maybe I’m not up to date on my information, but I think people are making it seem a lot more intense than it often is.

  24. Yep and I don't think many of them are considering free use as a form of CNC. The way consent in and of itself has shifted in the past 20 years may be the reason for the confusion.

  25. I have one pair I've had for almost a year, very comfortable. I have a 2nd newer pair with a 3 inch heel, most comfortable heel I've owned.

  26. every website i have seen on SK books ranks it very low. i have also seen a lot of criticism on this sub reddit and now everyone is pretending its well loved lol....

  27. Ok first, you're taking this super seriously and its simply not. Next, your apparent argument is that some people don't like it, so anyone who does must be pretending? Its almost as though all humans are capable of having different opinions or something 🫠

  28. What did we learn about Henry's circumstances this season? By the end I kicked myself for not remembering to think about the kid or catch any mentions about him. We last saw him being left on the doorstep of that couple... At that point I wondered if Love's family would have found him or if the couple themselves would have reached out to the family knowing that Joe 'died' and it's pretty impossible for an average person to falsify whatever you need to make it look like this kid is legally yours.

  29. They had the note that came with Henry, which likely had some variation of a waiver of parental rights. The couple also had legally adopted Henry at this point and won the custody battle against the Quinns. Henry, legally speaking, is theirs by the eyes of the law.

  30. To be fair, we don't know what their agreement was. They may have had some level of "take these steps if its your goal and I'll support you" that we, as viewers, aren't privy to. And no, that doesn't make it a bad relationship. Communication expectations are different for different people and especially for couples

  31. Now I’m curious. Those of you who didn’t vote for Candace, why not? She was BURIED ALIVE

  32. She didn't die though, she survived that. Beck was choked to death by Joe while he stared into her eyes moments after she almost got free. Its even more devastating in the book

  33. Yeah but while Candace was too busy warning everyone about Joe, her throat is cut by love!

  34. Yeah that was unfortunate for her, but just wanted to answer your comment with how you specifically phrased it

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