1. The before picture was also taken by someone else lol I know I look different in selfies vs normal pics cause I'm not as posed and such

  2. I don't mind apartments in and of themselves. I mean I'd rather live in a house with a yard, but that's just personal preference. A comfortable apartment is still a fine place to live. And an apartment owned by a landlord is not very different from a house owned by one. My parents rented a house when I was a kid and it was one issue after the other that took weeks or months to get fixed. Landlords just make anything worse.

  3. Yeah, personally I dont feel I need a house with a yard at this stage in my life or possibly ever. I have my own gripes with suburbia, so maybe I'm biased. Landlords ruin everything

  4. Touching the shower curtain is nasty asf but so is touching the wall, sorry 😭 especially when we know ALR ain't out here scrubbing the shower clean every week

  5. Its hideous but like "used like new" girlie no lol zooming in on the legs and arms, thats ain't new looking.

  6. I want to know the lead up. Imagine cause a scene at a fucking mcdonalds drive through. How pathetic, no matter what, there is literally no good reason to get out of your car and start trying to fight someone through a window.

  7. Lol buy one and open it up. I couldn't stop laughing cause its actually coloured and textured like a camel teste

  8. It made me cringe so hard and laugh lmao. I forget this women is in her 30s sometimes.

  9. Omg it looks amazing! I've been soo tempted to do the same but I'm scared 😫

  10. Dental damage. I’m losing an entire front tooth In two weeks. Not entirely because of my tongue piercing I had for 10 years, though…..but it for sure did NOT help the situation

  11. Yeah I've never had a tongue piercing but I've seen the pics of gum recession, OP if you see any damage to your teeth, take it out. I'm not going to say its gonna happen but if it does, don't push it.

  12. Omg lucky! I have a couple victorian keys I got for $5CAD each. I did not have a use for them but like... they look cool. So now they're on a Keychain on my purse haha

  13. I’d say fair play to him for the shirt if it’s boiling outside . But yeah dunno what’s with the shoes. I think this man is on the carnivore diet, so maybe he’s trying be more au naturel?

  14. at this point, you literally can’t see them even if she did

  15. I'll watch her stories maybe every 3 weeks lmao. Full account, not blocked yet

  16. Like guys… your body is not a garbage. You can’t get something good for the rest of your life for 10 euros in the shopping mall with trash jewellery

  17. I was looking for someplace to book a rather finicky piercing and I came across a legit looking shop offering £10 piercings that's including the jewellery... scary to think that some folks dunno to not go there

  18. This guy has no right to complain about others’ poor English when his story is inconsistent and nearly incoherent

  19. Lmfao I thought this was a video of OP finding Detro and I was shocked. But God damn it look like him. Maybe sara was out getting her lips re touched and left him there for a quick 30min

  20. Personally for a ring that would need to last the rest of my life most likely, I definitely understand why wedding and engagement rings carry a hefty price tag. 8k though… yeah I’m far from marriage so idk what a reasonable price is meant to be.

  21. Wedding and engagement rings cost so much just because of the name. You could find the exact same ring just not labeled "engagement" for much cheaper. Don't get me started on diamonds and how bullshit the pricing is for them lmfao. 99% of people will never tell the difference between a clear cubic zirconia and a diamond, it just feels like paying that much money for a rock is pointless.

  22. penis coming out of a butthole??? ew tho

  23. Aw man we used to have one of these growing up, great novelty

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