1. One of my friends is adamant that the graphics in Elden Ring are atrocious.

  2. My mates swear by the Genesys Star Wars game, Age of Rebellion I think? Edge of the Empire as well.

  3. Its so good!! Definitely agree with you, it was clearly made with a lot of love. Its expertly crafted, its such a “gamers” game aha

  4. Came here to say this as well. I love Kasuga and his band of misfits so much!

  5. Is it pretty good? I’ve played Yakuza 0, and the crime one(justice I think?) but haven’t looked at Dragon.

  6. It is brilliant, and it is a standalone game (minor references to older games) but it is also a turn based JRPG. If you like games like Persona, you should enjoy this. It's still got the trademark Yakuza style and humour :)

  7. I prefer to capture, always have. If I'm the host and I want to capture, I'll capture.

  8. There are always shortages of things at Thanksgiving time.

  9. I do really fancy Jiangshi, but already own both Wanderhome and Arc: Doom.

  10. That’s only like 100 miles, crazy that someone would think that’s long drive lol

  11. It all depends on your road system, American freeways are pretty much straight lines. UK highways do very well going up and down the country, but not so much side to side. This causes journeys equivalent in distance to those in the US to take longer.

  12. It depends on location. In Kansas 88 miles in any direction is ~1.5 hours give or take 20 minutes. In New Jersey 88 miles can be 4 hours in one part of the state, or 1.5 hours in other parts of the state

  13. Very true, because New Jersey is quite a small compact state with a large population density, yes? Like somewhere else I know.

  14. Yep, I remember getting most of the HTR stuff on release, but never got a chance to play it before selling it all off years later.

  15. Got mine a bit earlier and looking forward to the final wave now.

  16. Blades in the Dark, because combat is just another part of the story, not a separate system requiring dozens of extra pages of crunch.

  17. It was filmed round Swinton and some of it was in the cricket club round the corner from my house. I was gutted when I found out I'd missed Eric

  18. First time I've ever seen Swinton mentioned on Reddit, haven't lived there since the 90s but it was an interesting place to grow up.

  19. Makes me wish I hadn't sold all my Menoth figures a long time ago.

  20. Im already using t2k to run basically a twd game anyway.

  21. I got downvoted to hell and back a long time ago for saying people shouldn't fatshame others. The usual crew of troglodytes turned up, including one real alpha who was proud of fatshaming his 7 year old son.

  22. All I remember from the 80s is a man in a orange rubber suit slapping people....or was that the 90s

  23. Anyone answering yes to becoming Kindred has missed the point of all vampire fiction.

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