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  1. make turkiye actually turkey-shaped

  2. 🇷🇼🇴🇲🇲🇰🇦🇫🇳🇪🇮🇸🇦🇱

  3. Nope, look at my comment history to see my country

  4. I’m British and even I can’t identify the thing at the back. Fuck the N*rtherners with their gravy and chips

  5. Beep Boop! nallaBot here to judge you! Here's your comment activity from last 7 days:

  6. Ah yes, the Sexy Neanderthal Theory

  7. Ukrainians have already been commiting genocide on native Russians :/

  8. Ukrainians have already been committing genocide on native Russians :/

  9. lets not forget how that video of the Azov Battalion nailing a separatist to a cross got completely wiped from the internet, the fact the news never talked about that is fucking crazy.

  10. Sauce? Edit: hang on nvm you’ve said it got wiped from the internet

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