1. Well seems like he’s trying to distance himself from these people….

  2. Lol he’ll never address it, addressing it shows that it even existed. So many people don’t even know the protests are happening, especially the older generation and those who don’t live in major cities.

  3. Considering the speed with which the protests are spreading at…

  4. From what is going on in the headlines, this attempt isn’t really working, considering how rapidly the protests are spreading…

  5. So they basically are doing the kind of opposite of cracking down…

  6. So…what theater do you guys think The Mousetrap will play at?

  7. Came here after hearing that it was coming to Broadway (FINALLY!) after 70 years in London for a limited run, despite being done all over the U.S. regionally and in community theater groups (it’s another term for what you Brits call “AmDram”).

  8. I didn’t think it was a secret to Americans. I thought the short story was released in the US a long time ago.

  9. Maybe stop manifesting him doing that if you’re “scared he might”.

  10. It's dangerous to just let it slide because it's sounds cool, can't let people forget

  11. He's not going to do that, he's ramped up the kanye in recent years but this is who he is

  12. You never know what’s going on behind closed doors or in the recesses of someone’s mind.

  13. This is weird. And sad. I feel like we're being played. Kanye is clearly trying to telegraph the fact that he doesn't want to do it.

  14. There’s a YouTube video of him singing Music of the Night in someone’s living room with a piano accompaniment. Check that out.

  15. Wait, how did this random person get this dude to perform in their living room?

  16. Not really. If you're friends with someone, you don't see them the same way as when you're a fan (even if you do appreciate their talent). It's possible the grandmother mentioned him by first name only. Or maybe the grandmother knew he sang but didn't even know he performed at that level because it wasn't something that came up or that he felt the need to brag about.

  17. "Messianic Synagogue" AKA Protestant Church with a Jewish aesthetic

  18. I don’t really think Putin can really be angered anymore than he already is…

  19. Turning a sad death into a cringe post with one last sentence.

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