1. Yeah, but it's not a one-shot anymore. That's what made it so funny

  2. Try miseracord. It worked like a month ago after the last patch. Can't remember which hand it was in, but it one shot him still.

  3. Last time I used Inescapable Frenzy it took 3 or so

  4. Hmmm. I don't know then. I know it involved having to hold the dagger and the seal and two hand the seal. Beyond that I don't know. Hell, they might of patched it.

  5. I mean, shields in bloodborne aren't that great and it can put your ass in some bad situations if you're trying to tank

  6. There’s 1 shield in Bloodborne and it’s a joke on purpose, but soulsborne games excluding Sekiro and BB are perfectly viable with shields

  7. I know. Elden ring I use plenty of shields cause I use alot of ash of wars so I use no skill, but I have small shields with Carian retaliation and holy ground. It's good and it gives me a bit of a versatile arsenal setup.

  8. Furries and my little ponies everywhere. Everyone talking like "uwu tawnished wawnished came here. OwO whats that?"

  9. It was an open world game that heavily used the Dark Souls formula, but unlike Dark souls, if you get stuck on a boss or an area in Elden Ring, you can just leave and go somewhere else, you don’t get stuck because you lack skill. Dark Souls games you can get “stuck” not being able to move on unless you get good enough, Elden Ring has a lot of content that can help circumvent this stuck feeling making the game much more approachable to less skilled players and opens itself to a much broader audience while still keeping its difficulty in the localized areas.

  10. Me too, but at the very least I’m hoping Sony gives us an upgrade to raise the resolution and frame rate on Bloodbourne someday for the PS4 pro and PS5. A remake by Bluepoint would be even better. But a whole new Bloodbourne that’s open world would be a dream.

  11. After playing it, my main thing to change is the collection and acquisition of chunks, cause 20 insight is kinda steep, and killing the same maneater boar is getting old. But the combat, fashion, weapons are all great, just need more weapons with a little "boom".

  12. I'm not home now so can't say anything. Sry

  13. Here is the link to Warframe Color Picker:

  14. Bro...what is this? This needs to be mainstream. It honestly makes more sense the "row x column y" system we have now. This actually is pretty neat.

  15. Yes but isn't Gael the last boss? I need something to use up until I beat the main story ^

  16. He's the last boss of the dlc, but yeah. I tend to run builds I can use most weapons relatively well. Might suffer some loss of damage, but I can use strength or dex weapons no problem.

  17. Something like 35-40 for both STR/DEX?

  18. Eh roughly. I like options when I use a weapon. If levels allow, may splurge into faith or int if I see something I like.

  19. Don't know how it happens still. I did a rare invasion and I landed in Radagon's boss arena with host and cooperators, so I sat off to the side and watched, t-bagged on Radagon's corpse with them, watched them fight Elden Beast and emote spammed. I figured they die, i get the loot still. They win, i can farm that stuff myself normally so no biggie.

  20. Adding a jump button is a double edged sword because Fromsoft took it as an excuse to try and get all cute with their platforming segments

  21. Funny, my friends and I joke about that in almost the EXACT phrasing. It's legitimately what it feels like.

  22. A friend showed me the platforms I can raise so I FCM on each one before running to the next. Its relatively painless.

  23. I heard it was at the tree spirite rescue center. They both are concerned for abandoned putrid tree spirits and each keep a few as pets.

  24. That explains the one in the middle of the freaking Capital then. RADAGON!

  25. starting to think it's no coincidence her name is spelled with a double-d.

  26. What if Ranni's mentor was a toxic magic spammer and just "General Grievous" sorcery staffs? You thought Gideon spammed, nah she got the spam.

  27. I’m actually quite happy with the change. At least now she looks like an actual warframe rather than a character from one of those mobile rpg’s that overdesign everything to the point of meaninglessness. I would have been even happier if they ditched the weird shoulder/leg wolf heads she has because I already know it would be a nightmare to place any attachments on those shoulders.

  28. Unless those are attachments. Ember, Volt, and hydroid do have shoulder armor default.

  29. I have no pride or dignity and I know that these bosses are already difficult without them being able to do dumb damage via cheese mechanics, so I'll use any tool I can. If that means summoning in a crackhead mage to point and click, I'll use it if I think it's worth it.

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