1. Nicest YM I’ve seen in a while. So versatile in the two tone.

  2. Congratulations on picking up two Rolexes that you wanted and building a relationship with your AD. In full transparency, you did the AD a favor as neither of these models are very popular or easy to sell relative to other sports Rolex. This is true for most two tone sports models outside of the Rootbeer and Daytona. Hopefully your purchases will afford you the ability to buy whatever else you may be interested in next, particularly if it is an in demand model. Wear them in the best of health.

  3. They seemed to be selling them like hotcakes and this wasn't from an AD but a local dealer I buy from alot. I think two tones will always be more available than steel. Good for me :) but they seem to be very liquid in the market at the right price.

  4. He's not captain material. Way too immature and pouty. The C is more of a ceremonial thing and you have to deal with a lot of bs with media. Petterson is terrible with dealing with media.

  5. Have you watched Petey in the past 2 years lol. He's awesome with Media.

  6. Nope, he comes across as arrogant and whiny. Night and day from the days of Henrik. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Plenty of hockey players have those traits. It's just that I don't want that from a captain.

  7. I should add that anyone that recently purchased their first home wouldn't want to be underwater. I still don't think there's that many relative to the general population though

  8. You clearly don't know how many people use their HELOC haha.

  9. Folks, it’s simple: homes have to come down in value to be affordable, but a majority of voting Canadians have property, and thus any legislation that directly drives down home prices is a political landmine.

  10. Spot on, the other note, I'm preparing to save for my child to have enough for a down deposit. That's the era we live in unfortunately.

  11. The JLC is probably a better watch, but JLC doesn't really have the same historical significance as Breitling when it comes to tool watches. I'd rather have a JLC dress watch than either of these, but from these two I'd prefer the Breitling.

  12. I’d consider the 5k overpriced for that workhorse 38hr pr movement. Otherwise I really like them, particularly the blue. And I’m no movement snob either… I just don’t like getting gouged.

  13. This is what I'm struggling with. My 57 Heritage Superocean is beautiful and was a 500 piece limited run but it has a 40 hr ETA based movement and was $5K.

  14. I'm interested to learn which watch people would get between these two Green dive watches.

  15. PSA: if you drive 2 1/2 hours south you can attend a hockey game with an amazing atmosphere and team that's actually contending

  16. We all have our opinions but I shake my head at people who think the owner should just sell the team. Lower attendance and less sales won't matter sorry to say.

  17. We are in a Canadian market. Why wouldn't you spend to the cap?

  18. Date please. I think the Cyclops is iconic.

  19. Don't tip bad service. And in the end, fuck what other people think.

  20. I can't believe this is a question. Grinding coffee on a blade grinder is blasphemy. Even a cheap hand Grinder is better.

  21. One of the best. And yes FF7R is the same for me.

  22. Breath of the Wild for me. Great game but it's not the greatest game of all time that most say it is. There are also better Zelda games like Ocarina and A Link to the Past.

  23. I know a few piano teachers in the Vancouver and Vancouver adjacent cities from studying music at UBC but I think they’re overkill for a 3-4 year old. They all teach at their own homes or a studio as far as I know but feel free to PM me and I can point to some names if you’re willing to inquire with them directly. I haven’t been involved in the community in quite a few years so I don’t know about their studios and the ages/grade range they teach. Have you tried the community centres to find private lessons and then if you find the right fit, see if they’re willing to travel to you? I don’t know of any piano teachers, in my 20 years of studying piano, who travelled to students’ homes 🤷🏻‍♀️

  24. Thanks for the info. I've seen a few at home folks in the past.

  25. Craigslist has moved to Facebook marketplace. If you haven't tried there yet then it could be an option to post ad.

  26. Oh nice. Well I'm a nerd and think it's cool.

  27. When can we finally buy these at MSRP from the AD?

  28. Thanks folks. Why aren't folks talking more about it? Is it really new?

  29. Found this on Lance Hedrick's video in WDT: at 15:10,

  30. Several states have legalised cannabis which I think is more progressive than the UK. Unfortunately I'll be surprised if its ever legalised in the UK in my lifetime.

  31. I think it's a great idea in principle, with an issue that I don't believe can be solved.

  32. I don't fill mine completely, never had an issue

  33. You sure about that? Unless you're going through your beans within a day or so, you are absolutely losing freshness. Whether you can taste it, is a different question.

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