1. it's not as bad but your follower tends to a bit slower so you might have to throw the ball again to spawn it near you

  2. Huh, as long as it’s not as annoying as swsh then I’m happy about it!

  3. Quaquaval looks bad and I feel so bad about it because I was so excited for it…

  4. Absolutely hideous. At least the supposed Fuecoco evolution and Sprigatito evolutions look good/ great.

  5. It’s disappointing tbh, it also sucks that people that don’t like them are getting downvoted.

  6. I’m doing that incase he has the same fate of bounsweet and budew.

  7. The source of this panel is so...:2460::2460::2460::2460:

  8. Tbf, gen 7 and gen 6 kinda exists. I think gen 8 is where you could say they stopped.

  9. I’m not even surprised at this point that “dating trainer” shit tipped me right off

  10. Thing is you can't ignore or turn off the affection mechanic in Sword and Shield, it's unavoidable due to how they changed the affection mechanic. I want a toggle or it removed outright, it is so unrewarding to live to what should defeat you because of your Pokemon busting out the action-replay cheats.

  11. I mean, it might be beating a dead horse, but it’s entirely true. GameFreak has no desire to put in more work than necessary, they’re sitting on top to the largest brand name ever, so long as they pump out the same game and people keep buying them, innovation will always be a huge risk financially. I mean, back when Black and White came out, people were really vocal about their hate for it, and it had the biggest increase in features and quality the franchise had seen up to that point. Innovation doesn’t matter when people are going to buy it just because it’s got the name Pokémon on it

  12. It's weird to be saying "GameFreak is lazy" when they're now releasing an open world game with three branching story path that can be played by 4 players online simultaneously, but no, their lazy because they aren't doing specifically what I deem is effort.

  13. The thing is, they can expand. Hire more staff if they keep falling back to the excuse of them being a small studio for the poor quality of their games. It's not that they're low on revenue. They could hire support studios if they don't want to expand the dev studio themselves. If they want to remain a small dev group, that's fine but understand that that desire is actively hampering the progress of the franchise.

  14. What omniverse are you living in where anyone is saying this.

  15. I always like to think that right before release day the characters in said Pokémon game are just chilling in the players house and having fun. Just getting ready for the time where the player finally gets out of the house!

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