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  1. I was subbed there for like a day before I unsubbed

  2. They literally hype him up so much that he holds a coup and gets himself banished

  3. I could listen to this and fall asleep in minutes

  4. If global warming was real wouldn't there be less rain? /s

  5. Number 6 is my favorite because even if the last bit of it is true, the alternative to renewable energy will eventually lead to the end of humanity altogether.

  6. If the bottom 4 are the ones I have they're wet erase.

  7. I have this vinyl mat and dry erase is murder on it. It immediately sticks and can stain it permanently

  8. My rogue would get me so well hidden in a new culture that the other 3 won't even know where to look. Plus they are all support builds so the fight would probably go to my rogue if they somehow managed to find us.

  9. They also love to pull that "I wasn't going to vote for him but now I am" card when they cite isnane bullshit.

  10. I wasn't gonna vote for him but because you said something completely true and accurate against him, I've changed my mind!

  11. For me it’s that they’re never dubbed for some reason :( really want a “daily life of the immortal king” dub

  12. Seriously, I'd even take dubbed in japanese tbh because at least I understand some of it and the emotions behind the inflections. Chinese/Mandarin is a complete mystery to me.

  13. I mean, maybe there's an explanation besides he was fucking that chicken. I can't think of one, but there's probably loads.

  14. He was trying to rescue the chicken when his belt gave out? I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a series of innocent things resulting in this unfortunate way to die

  15. I've met people like that with Advil and ibuprofen. It's weirdly common and I've tried explaining it several times. Same with Tylenol and acetaminophen

  16. It is not 100 % the same ingredient make up pretty sure. There is the coating on advil pills that others don’t have; I can’t take Advil

  17. They're not 100% the same pills but the active ingredients in the pills are exactly the same.

  18. It's not exactly easy nor does if feel good but I've always been able to do it

  19. As long as it's actually decent pay for the work then hell yeah I'm in

  20. That poor dog have to listen to his own barking

  21. It's 3am here. Guess I missed my chance for today

  22. Im on episode 5 and it seems pretty fine so far. Humans seem kinda shitty but it mostly has a comedy vibe to it from what I've seen

  23. I've always loved this scene but you raise an excellent point

  24. I usually help my players min max better because I'm afraid my npcs or homebrew monsters will outshine them.

  25. This song's rhyming scheme reminds me way too much of "my name is (blank) and I'm here to say, 'I like whispering in a major way'"

  26. I thought Carolina reapers were 2nd to ghost peppers. I could be wrong but I love spicy foods and I thought this was a thing I knew

  27. It's more like expecting to keep getting paid after quitting. You WERE getting paid when you did the job but if you stop doing it, why would a boss/patron keep paying you?

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