1. ... and then the CEO has the company spokesperson apologize instead of himself.

  2. It wasn't even an apology. "We apologise if anyone misunderstood." Misunderstood what? He called her short and dumpy, there's not much to read in between the lines there.

  3. What's weird is that she claims she didn't know that was possible but also here's her claiming to have injured herself the same way 2 years ago.

  4. Well in that one she pulled a muscle in her ass, but in this one she pulled a muscle in her asshole. If this was an episode of House she'd have lupass.

  5. Aw that’s sad. I wonder if that’s why she left handsmaid tale? I got the impression it was last minute.

  6. She left?? I had no idea. She was the best part of the show, I hated when her scenes reduced drastically.

  7. They couldn't get a better Dorothy Zbornak wig? That thing would catch fire from an ignition point a block away. Good lord.

  8. I wouldn't have even been able to tell it was Margaret Qualley without the caption. I thought it was Austin Abrams dressed as Norman Bates's mum.

  9. this read like she stopped posting about the movie because she didn't want to deal with harry's crazy fans and you know what, respect.

  10. She probably saw the way they came for Olivia Wilde and decided she'd rather not endure the cancerous Larries.

  11. I admittedly don't find a lot of famous comedians all that funny, but I can understand why they have fans. I don't get the thing with Amy Schumer at all no matter how hard I try. Her whole schtick seems to be a kind of frienemy that talks shit about everyone.

  12. This is a secondhand story and not amazingly interesting, but a sibling had the unbelievable luck of having an acting master class with Samuel Jackson some time ago. Other than the fact he apparently radiated charisma, something interesting SJ allegedly said was that the key to his success was that he never felt embarrassed or nervous no matter how many people were looking at him. He always felt very confident both in his abilities and that anyone watching him would leave thoroughly entertained, no matter who they were.

  13. My prediction is that Austin Butler will continue to do the Elvis voice for the entire press tour

  14. When do you think he'll drop it? Will this be his villain origin story, like the Joker and his inability to stop laughing? Maybe he'll pass out cards explaining his affliction to interviewers.

  15. Feel like Tom Holland will take a break. I can see him wanting to do more BTS stuff, stay out of the spotlight, and personal stuff which I don’t blame him for. Also I can see Florence winning an Oscar sometime in the next 5 years

  16. I think he was someone who really enjoyed the fame until he started openly dating Zendaya. Ever since then he seems consistently overwhelmed by how his stans are hounding him. There's very few actors that can dance like him, so I think the Fred Astaire biopic will open even more doors for him and give him the opportunity to pivot to more serious and "artsy" roles.

  17. On the contrary, he has spoken about his dislike towards fame cause he became famous so quickly, he has said that zendaya help him navigate fame cause before he was the type of person to not stop and take pics or interact with fans and she helping be more grateful i think he said, it was in a magazine i believe. But even before people knew about them he has express his dislike for press and paps.

  18. Oh really? I had no idea. He always looked like he was having a blast during interviews and just seemed much more bubbly compared to his more weathered MCU co-stars. Never would have guessed he was struggling.

  19. How can I develop my cardiovascular endurance when walking for even very long distances is fine, but anything beyond that is excruciatingly difficult? Cycling, swimming and jogging even at a very slow pace makes me feel breathless and exhausted. I recently climbed a mountain and a sign stated it takes 5-7 hours, but it took me over 9 hours and I wanted to die during the entire ascent lol.

  20. Michaela Coel. I May Destroy You was the first time I'd ever felt represented in a tv show. Phenomenal writer and actress (and drop dead gorgeous). Would love to see her in a blockbuster.

  21. Yeah I found these pictures really sad. It was shocking to see how gaunt her face had become.

  22. International students in the UK pay much higher fees than home students FYI

  23. But she's not an international student since she's got British citizenship.

  24. Fair assumption! She's born in Spain but both her parents are British, so she lived in both countries until she was around 8. In the interview it says she lives in both London and Atlanta.

  25. He very recently assaulted a chef in Spain and got a suspended prison sentence for it. Based on that I'd say he's definitely the closest to his character. Though let's hope he doesn't have a milk fetish and penchant for immortal nazis.

  26. Bruh. It's to make it last longer, not forever. Decent razors (not one-use disposable ones) are expensive af here.

  27. Tbh the editing/filming reminds me of the way that ID tends to produce their shows. I hate the stilted breathing/sighing and sexy reenactments they do, hopefully this doesn't have that.

  28. Sulty narrator: Marybeth and Bob were at the beginning of their relationship...

  29. Not justice served. The shooting was unrelated to the attack on his ex and he’s still alive. He’s still owed an additional shooting.

  30. I'm hoping one of the shots hit somewhere really brutal, like right up his asshole. I think that would be closer to justice.

  31. This is none of my business but weekend visits when your kids live in a different country just seems like a logistic nightmare.

  32. Forcing kids to pick up and move that often is horrible. One of them has to drop the ego and put them first. It's not like they're choosing between two shitholes either, so they need to get it together.

  33. as someone who used to have a huge crush on chris pratt from cute parks and recs days to beginning of his superhero/action career ripped days.... i decline this correlation hahah

  34. I still consider that BD (Before Douchiness) and not AD (After Douchiness) - the two eras of his life. He was still pretending Anna Faris was his soulmate at the beginning of his ripped career.

  35. I'm kinda curious about this 12 Step Shame program and who you've helped with it so far lol

  36. I had a friend that was obsessed with Miles Teller until we played Crash Bandicoot together and I said that Don Pinstripelli Porotti reminded me of MT. Of course that's not really true, but I find both MT and DPP intensely annoying so in that way it was true. Anyway she got really irritated and insisted they looked nothing alike, but I persisted. I asked her if her and Miles got married if she'd keep her maiden name or change it to Potorotti.

  37. For me it means zero contact whatsoever. No texts, calls, emails, presents or any form of avknowledgement. I return all letters and packages. If I saw any of them I'd either keep it moving or run in the opposite direction (depending on who it was). However I'm very lucky cause I live in a different country to them, so it's obviously easier for me.

  38. wait wait are people now passing off the narrative that TC is one of the all-time great ACTORS? he def has more charisma and presence than most new actors these days but that’s literally it.

  39. A lot of people can't differentiate between charisma and talent. Actors like TC and Brad Pitt are almost purely charisma (they have some very enjoyable movies but that's cause they're fun to watch, not because they're delivering the performance of a lifetime). And the more they like someone the more they start to inflate their acting abilities. Ever since Maverick came out there's been a lot of chat about TC being the "last true great in cinema"

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