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  1. Every Aries I’ve known has been with the shits on this type of stuff. Also my 8h stellium 😅

  2. At this point I can only play Assault. I can quit anytime I want, I swear.

  3. This is awesome. Love the illustrations.

  4. This is actually an old tumblr post. Don’t know the artist, but the characters are really cute.

  5. Rat Gang checking in 🐀 quick-witted, resourceful, smart, and diligent

  6. Yeah I kind of understand fire/air signs to a degree, I’m a Leo moon & Sagittarius rising. Also my mom is a Leo, my BFF’s both are Aries & Libra.

  7. That’s an amazing outfit mate, Great idea & Great job!

  8. You’re in a good place. Maybe add an extra meal or snacks to your diet. 2300 calories sounds like your TDEE, adding an extra 500 calories daily is a pound a week. That means you can hit your goal before summer ends.

  9. Maybe i'd give it some credit if they knew how to put a sentence together.

  10. I noticed that lot of people have their mother's sun sign as their own moon sign. Is this a recognized pattern or just a coincidence?

  11. Lmao remember that stupid fake ape con shit last year they tried to trick people into attending 😭

  12. how many of them are buying GME? We have institutional support buying in now, let's get congro in and then they'll let our dominos fall. PS fuck ken and jeff

  13. Doesn’t look like any of them are hodling except for Micheal Garcia from what I can tell on QQ

  14. probably iOS app -> marketplace (by 7/31) -> dividend

  15. Athletes have been taking up raw vegan diets for years now. Clean eating will increase your energy levels and improve your recovery time. You want to talk about cutting out the middle man? Eat the food your food eats.

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