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  1. What does it tell you? I think you forgot to finish your thought

  2. It tells me he wants to take control away from us in contrast to what he says about how much he loves retail

  3. If retail voters like you are voting no to issuing more shares to raise capital well then can we not see why he wouldn’t want you in control?? He wants to save the company from bankruptcy. Your No votes are keeping the company on a road to bankruptcy. He can love and appreciate what retail investors have done for AMC while simultaneously understanding that some sects of the retail crowd aren’t voting in the best interests of the company. He’s actually just doing his job and doing what’s best for the company.

  4. Stop buying up worthless mines and dead theaters and going into retail popcorn and credit cards... and focus on improving your existing businesses and pay off the debt first.

  5. They would tally up in the accounts as the could no longer cycle the positions to clear the FTDs as the security no longer trades

  6. Apparently they have kept cycling or Finra just froze it.

  7. They need to hide the compiling FTDs on a balance sheet which as it grows would be expected to be visible to audit. So creating evidence of foul play is how I understand it

  8. I dont think anyone can say with certainty what the RS will do to shorts. So any vote YES is fueled by HOPE that it will negatively effect the shorts.

  9. Amc is hard to come by, ape is everywhere. Hedges want us to sell AMC to get ape so they can get amc right now at these low prices. They're not worried about the conversion.

  10. I used to pay 145 for my infant to go to an in home daycare 5 days a week so it's not unreasonable.

  11. They have economy of scale with many babies so they can still make money. This is 1 on 1 at the home so the person is stuck for 9.5 hours a day or 19 hours plus commute time and gas for basically $10/hrs.

  12. Cost to borrow only applies when they actually borrow. Creating synthetics out of nowhere or naked shorting or just simply selling then FTD cost them nothing.

  13. It's the start of week pump to get greedy idiots to buy up calls and give them liquidity, just like how they pumped crypto this weekend to get liquidity.

  14. Assuming he didn’t actually kill anyone can you get jail time for just driving like this or causing accident while driving like this?

  15. Sure can. Reckless driving. Speed contest. Street racing. De facto misdemeanor for exceeding 100mph on public roads. Unsafe passing. Failure to signal safe lane change.

  16. Wait, what?? All of this nonsense for a ridiculous and completely unnecessary butt lift? FFS.

  17. Except for her own vanity. Smart money bets she'll be all over the internet showing off her new wannabe Kardashian butt too.

  18. Take any extra money and start paying debt instead of buying more companies like HYMC.

  19. People thought that was amc AA when it was a fake account with a guy named AA that doesn't even exist. He had no history whatsoever and that was a stock photo.

  20. Ask her how much she makes with her following and don't count the only fans account

  21. My problem is the 3 fold vote which taken all together would be disastrous for retail.

  22. Let's take that math a little further.

  23. That is... if AA doesn't dilute before all that. Because if we have 80% of 120M (don't forget Antara got a ton of APE so we won't have 90% anymore) that's only 96M then you can add another 450M which means retail won't have more than 25% of the float.

  24. Then how will hedges and banks and government make sure they will win every time?

  25. Antara had been shorting and AA sold them 200M shares to close out their short positions at $0.66 so you saw the 300M volume right after.

  26. You're lucky they haven't sold your stocks yet because they can under your agreement

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