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  1. It's a grooming blower/heater, got it off Amazon a couple years back

  2. Would this be stronger than say a shop vac? I use my shop vac in my fluffy butt but I feel it’s not strong enough!

  3. Absolutely! This was a game changer the first time I used it

  4. If you by chance live anywhere near ND/MN border I'd let my spare seats go for cheap. Other than talking to an upholstery shop, that's pretty much the only option to finding something "close" or if another MK3 supra owner has seats for ya

  5. How do people adjust dashes to fit different kinds of cars?

  6. It was only offered in Japan in certain models. The Japanese got all the cool things in the 80s

  7. I pulled a 30ft camper with my 2014 tundra and the 4.6l a couple times. I had the tow package with an aftermarket brake controller. It pulled it but you knew it was there, granted I was mostly on flat ground. It had power but sometimes struggled especially with hills, making sure you had enough speed to make it up.

  8. Also consider checking your fuel pump relay if you haven't already

  9. I live in Chicago. My Husky isn’t liking this heat wave either lol.

  10. I even setup a pool for him, all he does is walk thru and take a drink. My pup will find the sun whether inside or outside the house and bathe in the sun.

  11. Look for rust in the spare wheel well and rear quarters, usually caused by bad tail light seals and even the rear hatch leaking. If its a sport top with removable roof, sometimes those seals are bad and can get leaks that will hide beneath your feet.

  12. So ender 3 v2, yellow pla+, e-steps are calibrated, did PID tuning, printing at 215 nozzle and 65 bed but drops to 60. I'm printing like 12 walls with 99 infill but for some reason my front receiver part turned to shit at the end. I can hear some clicking from my extruder (I do have a metal extruder) but why do I only have the issue on the last part? I've previously added some overlap but it seems the issue has come back.

  13. I forgot to mention that but yes I do have the flow calibrated. I ended up slowing it down a tad with klipper and reprinted that front receiver piece and came out with no issues

  14. Could possibly need a valve job if you got that much smoke problems. If there is a blue hue to the white smoke, your turbo seals need to be replaced. Check your oil lines to your turbo and make sure those aren't leaking, could be burning oil and potentially cause a fire!

  15. So as you can see I have printed a few things but something changed.

  16. Here is my close enough AK, the galil paired with my 2016 Tundra

  17. Pro tip: it really helps to have floor and roof disabled on regular supports, I use 20-25% zig zag with 1 wall, everything comes off cleanly leaving no little bits behind.

  18. So what's the difference between this style of supports and tree supports?

  19. If this bolt is for your power steering, part # is 90401-16013

  20. Thanks I really appreciate it since I’ve been having trouble finding the bolt

  21. So I essentially have this same setup but I have BLTouch. I'm using an actual micro switch and not the z-stop switch. I'm having the same issue when inserting filament in and triggering the sensor thus causing the MCU error. I originally had all 3 wires hooked up in corresponding spots, now only have 2 wires one hooked up for GND and one for SIGNAL, still getting the MCU error. I followed Hyper Makes filament sensor video on YouTube as well as copied his cfg text he provides in the description.

  22. Got it figured out. I went back to my 3 wire setup, I swapped my signal and voltage wire on my switch and working as it should now.

  23. Too bad you live so far away, I have a pretty clean gray dash minus a couple very tiny cracks plus other gray interior and extra parts. I've owned mine for 10 years now and just got the carpet left to swap out. This generation Supra is eye candy when restored! Good luck!

  24. You either live in MN, like me, or Canada. Why do we live where the air hurts our face?

  25. You are correct but he didn't call it a Tacoma, stated location on where he saw it

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