1. I wouldn’t feel safe delivering out there without a firearm of my own

  2. For anyone who hasn’t seen this episode look it up on YouTube. It is totally worth the watch. It is hilarious.

  3. Agreed. I got 7-10 more years before I can get the hell out. I just hope by the the red states are still red.

  4. I’ve wanted to move to AZ for years, was supposed to 5 years ago but things didn’t work out I have family obligations here. And now AZ turned blue

  5. I was a huge Beatles fan growing up. It was all my dad used to play. I don’t know much about Yoko besides the fact that her and John were really into each other and she seemed pretty wild and took herself pretty seriously, and I’ve seen this classic many times lol. But did she really have mental health issues?

  6. He sure had an impact on society. Thanks to him breaking safety regulations jumped real high, many people blindly follow him (anyone remembers that he is a covid denier?) and he breaks up families faster than he breaks people working under him.

  7. You people act like some of history’s greatest minds are not assholes

  8. I fucking knew it. I just saw your comment come up on my notifications and I thought it was on a different post where I was talking about urine issues. It’s hard finding information on these new analog‘s but I came across a slide from a PowerPoint or some thing online and it said stress to the Endocrine system.

  9. I saw a video about this guy who lives on skid row and talks about the effects of fentanyl down there. He says he sees all of these people hunched over permanently from it, because hunching over relieves the kidney pain. Their backs start to make a "rainbow shape", and a tumor/growth will appear on the back of the neck once someone becomes permanently hunched over. The neck of the users also becomes permanently pressed downwards. He also says that some users down there get the growth on the side of the neck, which forces them to hold their head sideways, pressed down on the shoulder. Its a soft white underbelly video called "on fentanyl" interviewing a guy named Johnny I believe.

  10. I’ve seen a few of his videos and interviews, I will have to check it out I appreciate you telling me about that

  11. To have the comparison with the plane? (Which I assume yo didn't even notice)

  12. Oh my gosh I am literally in the same boat as you! Almost 6 years ago is when our little toy poodle passed, he was almost 15 years old. My mom said she would never get another dog but now we’ve been talking about it for a while and started looking. We’re either going to get a Dachshund or a miniature Australian Shepard.

  13. That typical narcissism logic. Narc does something to you, you react, and (in the rare instance where the narc has to apologize) the apology comes in this form, as seen in the picture. This "we were both wrong" "I'm sorry you got mad" "I said I'm sorry now you say you're sorry"

  14. It’s funny you say this because I notice a lot of people talking about narcissism now and there is a difference between having narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic traits. But it is becoming more and more common these days, I feel like society is adapting these narcissistic traits and ways of thinking and it’s dangerous

  15. You think he is on adderall? I’ve always assumed he hired a chemist to make custom drugs for him

  16. I don’t know about that I feel like he would be smart enough to not want to take anything that’s not known about and end up with long-term effects, But he might have someone compounding well known drugs for him

  17. Restoring the foreskin Could potentially help because it would cover that area

  18. I think what he saying is you remove the bike seat and lock it into there I’ve seen some people do that so this way it’s harder to ride away on the bike

  19. Honestly I can’t stand Kimmel, I haven’t found him funny for years. Same with the other guys. The only one I ever really liked was Conan

  20. But, then he became only Trump..

  21. Yep OP is full of shit trying to make Ethan of all people a victim.

  22. Honestly I can’t stand Ethan I used to like H3H3 but man now I can’t stand Ethan I had to Unfollow him on Twitter

  23. nah you could oversimplify $B the exact same way, just gotta listen to his music to find where’s he mixes shit up

  24. Pouya and fat nick are both talentless, grimy fuckin rapists.

  25. I mean it’s one thing to say they are talentless but where does the rapist thing come from?

  26. Sally’s is overrated anyways. I much prefer Modern.

  27. Modern has always been the holy grail for me, I always thought Sally’s was good but overhyped, and Pepe’s was super over rated. But then a few weeks ago when I had family visiting we hit all the pizza places and Sally’s blew modern out of the water.

  28. I went to this place and it just gives me the vibes that those animals are not treated how they should be

  29. I’ve heard this place mentioned many times on Facebook, people say that the animals are treated poorly and have attacked children many times. I think someone told me they have been shutdown and fined before too if im correct.

  30. Have you been vaccinated for chicken pox? It could be the start of Shingles, hopefully not.

  31. If I’m correct I had all of my shots and boosters as a kid, And wow I didn’t know you could get shingles this young

  32. This started yesterday for the first time, it is where the collar of my shirt was and it was starting to get more and more painful especially with the shirt rubbing against it, today it continued and got worse

  33. It pairs each pick in pairs of 2s. That’s what the 2s x10 is. 10 wagers of pairs of 2 of the legs together

  34. Every time I’ve tried to do one of these I feel like you need to put down a ton of money and the payout is very low

  35. I feel the same way BUT I rather take a low payout than no payout at all. Less risk comes with lesser rewards

  36. actually I just figured out what it was, it’s because of the difference in odds

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