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  1. I like it when he buys sexy things for him to wear (for me). They end up being things worn for a short time before any sexy play, as they are uncomfortable for all-day wear. Then I feel like reciprocating by going out and getting new lingerie for myself and surprise him.

  2. There's a silent "p" in there for sure!

  3. I completely get it. My partner raves about the bjs I give him. Whether they're a stand-alone or accompanied with PIV, he always talks about how amazing they are. We could have intercourse 3 times in a night, and he'll still only recall how great the oral was for him. Hell, even in his dreams it's this way. hehe It feels at times like I perform a service rather than share intimacy, and that's what feels off/weird. I try reframe things more positively, but it can be tough sometimes.

  4. That video games and communities like Twitch can actually be really social/welcoming/wholesome. It's not how I would think to make friends, and at first I worried all the gaming was addictive, but now I see that it's also his happy hour-meets-PostSecret quality time :)

  5. I just went on Twitch last night for the first time, and I absolutely love the "let's be productive together with breaks to chat" kind of streams. Had no idea that was going on over there.

  6. How hard it is for men to find real, deep, emotionally enriching friendships. My husband is wonderful, but he doesn’t have many close friends. Sometimes he gets really sad about it, which makes me sad.

  7. I also find it hard to make those kind of friendships, but it doesn't seem to be mentioned that much in men's circles. Unlike this subreddit, I wonder if the

  8. I think it comes down to whether or not they have any personal interest in makeup, or have observed people apply makeup to have an idea what it's all about.

  9. This instantly makes me think of an ex who would always act like they cared about everyone's hardships, but later on would constantly say nasty things about them. They would go out of their way to help others and then expect immediate payback in some form.

  10. I feel you on this. I have a really supportive partner, but having saggy boobs caressed with endless love still doesn't feel nice to me. Might as well be rubbing and sucking on my belly. Not to mention how hard it is to find bras, tops, and dresses to look alright.

  11. To be honest, orgasms can be pretty different in guys too, pretty much as described by OP (depending on the situation/intellectual stimulation, and stimulated parts, plus other factors I haven't worked out but that don't seem to depend on the sex itself, more the physical state beforehand maybe).

  12. Yep, my partner has described very different orgasms, being whole/full bodied, out of body, spiritual, "that one needed to come out," release, etc. And depending on the kind of orgasm he experienced, afterwards he is either feeling rejuvenated, completely relaxed, energized or ready for a nap. He may or may not have a headache as a result, too.

  13. For certain retail shops, there's also some ageism as well. Quite a few "hiring" signs downtown that have been up for weeks, if not months. Try applying as a 30 y.o and not 20; they won't hire you. Instead, the next day you'll see an even larger "We're hiring!" sign next to the original smaller one. I understand wanting to hire people who will "fit" well with current staff members and the overall atmosphere of the store, but what happened to "diversity" and 'equal employment opportunity.'

  14. I would let him know what kind of dirty talk you're okay with and what's crossing the line. For example, you might not mind the extramarital fantasy chat outside of sexy time, but during sex, that kind of stuff makes you uncomfortable/upset. Or maybe that kind of talk never sits well with you, and you explain your reasons.

  15. I only ever find it to be awkward when I'm in a group of predominantly younger people by a decade or more, and everyone is figuring out who is a "whole year older" than the rest. I get where they're coming from, since I remember being 20 myself and each year feeling like a new milestone. But I feel a bit silly when the group lets me know that I look at least two years younger than my 36, mostly because I'm comfortable in my age and have no desire to revert to my younger years. hehe

  16. I'd suggest giving her a 20-30min massage for peak selfless physical pleasure. Unless I'm really horny and just want an orgasm, I'd prefer the massage as my solo treat.

  17. hehe Guess that was my mood at the time. :)

  18. I was majorly into diet pepsi, from the age of 13 to 27. Two-three cans per day, and by 24, 2L per day!!!!!!! What stopped me cold turkey was breaking my arm and discovering my bones were becoming more brittle due to Chromium being removed from my bones by all the aspartame I was consuming for a decade and a half. Scary.

  19. My partner's parents couldn't be more different from mine, and I absolutely love being around them! They inspire me with their creativity, thirst for knowledge, and self-reliance. Although my partner hates the way they're "nosy," I find their interest and engagement in our lives completely endearing. :)

  20. Etsy would be the best place to start

  21. I just read Moody Bitches by Julie Holland, which was recommended on here last week. Such an informative read about our hormones, aging, and how to understand and nourish our bodies/mind. Apparently, we should be exercising earlier in the day for better results. :)

  22. Did it explain (or could you give a short recap) why we would get better results from an AM workout? Just curious

  23. Although I just read it, I already forget the details. :P It was about the levels of serotonin released post-exercise that would affect cortisol, melatonin, and other hormones regulating metabolism and well-being.

  24. What is the "wall" concept? I don't think I've heard of that

  25. "The Wall" refers to women's biological clock, where once they hit their 30s, they're no longer as fertile (and youthful) and therefore not as sexually attractive. Misogynistic BS that's finally starting to become less and less prominent, especially in progressive cultures. Trans women help defy it even more, since they're not part of that stupid standard. It's a great reminder for all women that sexiness (and femininity) is not only youth and fertility.

  26. My trans friends and influencers I follow have taught me (directly and indirectly) so much about femininity and not being bound by the male gaze. Makes me feel less in a box, so to speak. I especially love how trans women defy the whole "Wall" concept, which I think helps all women. :)

  27. I agree with all the comments here, especially the not giving a fuck about who's hitting on me to feel validated.

  28. Various medical conditions and injuries can really take a toll too. Unlike in my 20s, something as "innocent" as a sore back or knee comes "outta nowhere," takes longer to heal, and makes sex a circus act to stay comfortable as best case scenario, let alone lustful pleasure. Then compound that with whatever my partner is battling, and it can easily be a month before we're healed up.

  29. I masturbate way more often than I have partnered sex, as I'm able to orgasm this way, and it's a "true" release since I don't have to perform for anyone. I love the intimacy and pleasing my partner, but sex (oral, PiV) is really just for him, as I get little to no physical pleasure from it. So when I'm horny, I get myself off, and when I want to show love, I tend to my partner. Maybe your SO is similar?

  30. Heh, +1 to bridgerton. She did enjoy that. I think the leading by example is a good start. I guess a big part of my frustration is that she hasn't really been using the app like I've been wanting her to. In my mind, I'm giving her literal hours added to her day, so the inability to spend 2-3 minutes on an app when she's already on fb/pinterest/etc has been frustrating.

  31. Maybe there are different apps that are less intimidating, for a lack of a better word? I'm trying to put myself in your SO's shoes, and if it seems like it's too much effort, completely out of character for me, etc, I can't take it seriously, no matter how important it is to my partner.

  32. Fancy (local) condiments and sauces. Something that tastes great, can feel like a souvenir, and can help elevate various homemade meals to restaurant level. That's my thought process anyway. hehe

  33. I have super heavy periods, and using a menstrual cup has really been a lifesaver. I still get up twice on the second night, and once on the third and fourth night. I can feel when the cup is full, and that wakes me up to empty it, whereas using pads/tampons never gave me that warning throughout the night.

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