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  1. And that fetus is statistically more likely to be a rapist or a serial killer than anyone this guy thinks is great. (Granted, a lot of ‘great’ men were/are also rapists but hey.) Does he really wanna go there?

  2. I feel like for some of these men, being a rapist isn't a bad thing.

  3. That subreddit isn't even fun anymore, it's just people waiting for people to post melts and complain. Shame, I do love a grilled cheese.

  4. It’s full of snobby assholes at this point. Like okay who gives a fuck if there’s bAcOn existing next to the cheese in my sandwich?

  5. to freak them out even more go on subs like

  6. I really fucking regret going to that first sub. Like I REALLY fucking regret it.

  7. Home boy really just admitting to being a Nazi. We used to bully people for being Nazis.

  8. This is the 4th time I've seen this guy's name on here who tf is he

  9. Creepy ass misogynist who likes to make tiktoks talking about how masculine he is, how women are "prey" and purely material possessions and how much money he makes. Watch his content if you want to catch 26 different cancers.

  10. This is the best sploot I've seen in a while. Impressive!

  11. I'm guessing you're keeping Remy separate from the smaller one? If so, when you're ready to introduce them to each other, please make sure to inform yourself on how to do so safely (and also make sure they're both the same sex or you're gonna have a LOT more rats lol).

  12. I dunno about discord, but i'm going to do everything i can to keep my kids off social media as long as possible

  13. Just talk to them instead of banning any and all social media. Explain how predatory social media can become and show them some examples of what to be cautious of and what to avoid completely. They WILL manage to access social media somehow, even if you try to stop them, so it’s better to educate them on the subject.

  14. Yep, from canada too and this is exactly what I picture in my mind when thinking of a club, quartered with the foil toothpicks. Dipping the club in mayo is also a key move.

  15. Why the fuck did I never think of just dipping it?? You’ve just changed my life

  16. That sub is to provide support to victims of rape! Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fucked up assholes who like to go there to find vulnerable women because they think they’re easier to manipulate :(

  17. Avec de la glace c’est encore mieux! :)

  18. Go back in a few days and get some snacks or something, just to have an excuse to speak to her. Repeat a few times, just not super close to each other. DO NOT MAKE IT SOME WEIRD RITUAL. After the 2nd or 3rd time, ask for her number if she seems engaged in your conversations. These workers most likely have to deal with these social encounters every day, so I could not stress this enough as a "read the room" kinda thing. (sometimes workers could just be acting nice. It's up to you to determine if she seems genuinely engaged)

  19. If you decide to do this, you should probably give her your number instead. That way, the ball is in her court and she can decide if she wants to text you or not. I know I would be in an uncomfortable position if a customer asked for my number. Also, make sure to not pressure her to accept, and don’t get mad if she says no!

  20. This is like super embarrassing but like— I looked at the pictures and are the bumps around the areolas also normal?? I’ve always been so insecure about them, I thought they were like acne or something 😭😭😭

  21. I have those bumps too! I’ve had them for as long as I remember, never had any problems with those :) I did have a bump that was pretty much a zit, but it quickly went away after a week or so. Completely normal!

  22. Why the other dude gotta be black tho? Like every other character is just a stick figure

  23. Gotta add a little touch of racism of course!

  24. C'est fucking fâchant. L'argument "elle va peut-être changer d'idée" me fâche tellement !! Je suis pas mal certaine que toutes les femmes qui commencent ces démarches là sont tout à fait au courant que c'est irréversible. Pour le 2% qui changeraient peut-être d'idée, l'adoption reste une option.

  25. J’aime tellement pas cet argument-là sérieux. On dirait juste que la femme se fait prendre pour un enfant qui ne comprend pas les conséquences de ses actes et qui n’est pas apte à prendre des décisions pour elle-même. J’veux dire, ok, si une fille de 12 ans dis qu’elle ne veut pas avoir d’enfant, c’est bien possible qu’elle change d’idée. Rendu à 25-30 ans, je pense que la femme est en masse capable de savoir ce qu’elle veut!

  26. Je me dis que si tu es considéré assez vieille pour avoir un enfant, qui est une décision permanente, tu es assez vieille pour avoir une stérilisation. Je me demande comment ça se passerait si on disait à des femmes de 25-30 ans, enceintes, de considérer d'avorter au cas où elles changeraient d'idée.

  27. J’ai comme l’impression que ça se passerait pas super bien mettons!

  28. "Selftitis" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

  29. I mean I’m sure you can get addicted to taking selfies (like you can get addicted to basically anything), but selfitis?? Really??

  30. redditors wouldn’t know satire if it punched them in the face and spit in their mouth

  31. I’d pretend I still didn’t know satire so it would spit it my mouth some more!

  32. The server will enforce a difficulty level but you can change it in the configuration file

  33. What do you mean by configuration file? Where could we find this? My friend and I want to have a chill experience. Master difficulty is too much for us and we're unable to change it.

  34. I used to get so angry about people not using their turn signals. Then I remembered not everyone has a working left hand. In those cases, it's often safer to not signal than take your one good hand off the wheel to reach over.

  35. Also, some people can have broken lights and not know it. My turn signal on the left only shows on the front of my car, not the back (getting it fixed this week). It’s not always intentional!

  36. Has the future we've been shown ever been really nice..? It only takes until 7 or 8, under good education, to understand the world is not a kind place. I cannot recall looking 'toward the future' as a child or young person truly believing its all rainbows. Joy and positive outlooks were and still are incredibly present in the younger generation. Keep your doom and gloom to yourself, don't bring your kids down with you.

  37. Honestly I can't recall thinking I'd have a future at all. I know it sounds dark, but when I try to imagine my future there's just nothing. I don't know how my life will be in 10 years and I'm not sure if I want to know.

  38. just a nit: transgender is an adjective, not a noun, so "transgender people" is more correct than "transgenders", in a similar vein to it being "black people" and not "blacks"

  39. Learned something today! Thank you for the grammar lesson :D

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