1. I love Taylor but the constant influx of merchandise is…a lot. I know we all have to make money somehow, but dang

  2. As soon as you said scaly, I instantly thought psoriasis. It's extremely common and some people have very mild cases. Does it hurt?

  3. 24, female. Just found this area on my thigh. Does not hurt to touch. The white area almost seems like dried skin but I can’t be sure

  4. niceboy_ed followed 131 people, 13 is a prominent taylor number, so some people took at as more proof that there is something going on with this whole niceboy_ed thing

  5. Possibly Joe’s friend. If that’s the case, kinda annoying how popular the song is gonna get just because of association with her

  6. I love all of these!! Do you have an Etsy shop?

  7. I just finished watching that compilation of all of his disgusting behavior, and it’s insane to me how anyone could “miss” any of his stupid, crude, creepy characters. He’s so tone deaf to say he’s missing them, but I guess it really does show he hasn’t changed, which is very disturbing in itself considering he wants to have his own child!

  8. a good day to be gay that’s all I can say 🌈

  9. So now they want to act all annoyed about analyzing a scarf when they’ve spent years trying to figure it out 😂😂 wow

  10. Because people are edgy and think joking about someone dying is funny

  11. it’s the queen of england not your granny hope she suffered

  12. I say go and do it. I don’t believe in gatekeeping characters :)

  13. folklore/evermore. Both albums have a special place in my heart. She took Speak Now’s lyricism and brought it to an even greater height. Combine that with cottage core aesthetic, haunting vocals, and amazing visuals, and they just fit everything I wanted in a Taylor Swift album that I didn’t even realize beforehand. I want moreeeee

  14. I remember thinking it was so obvious when she said it. I mean, how else are we supposed to interrupt it? “My first song about chicks…” Chicks, as in women. Still haunts me 😂

  15. Grief is a slow and grueling process. I lost my Nutmeg nearly 10 months ago and my Buddy nearly two months ago and I randomly woke up crying in the middle of the night, last night, missing them both. I’m very sorry you have to go through the same sort of loss and suffering but know you are not alone. Like others have said, it’s a way of knowing in your soul that you cared about them so much, and still carry that love with you today.

  16. This song is extremely feminine. The lyrics, the production, even the lyric video…it all seems so feminine-coded. “Rose blush”? Sure, she might be describing herself blushing in reference to someone else, but haven’t roses been paired with women for the longest time? “As beautiful as a rose,” gifts for women, etc. I could never imagine a man being inspiration for this song

  17. Lovely! Tells a story and carries emotion mixed with description. Be proud!

  18. Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

  19. I see people talking about a kitten…what’s the story?

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