what was ruined by rich people?

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  1. I’ve been having a “mental block” the past two weeks where I can’t seem to get some of the simpler moves. When I’m supposed to sweep a leg out to get momentum, I stop myself and then forget the move I’m doing 🤦‍♀️ Lack of confidence, I’m sure. But I’ve already done much more than I ever thought I could! So that’s cool :)

  2. That’s what I’m thinking might happen to me, once I get the pole set up. I’m thinking of finding a series of beginner tricks on YouTube that I’m interested in learning (complete newbie, only been at this for a month, really).

  3. Does the BDSM outfit from Look What You Made Me Do count 😭😂

  4. Omg girl you’re better than me and I’ve been doing it for like a month lol. But you’re doing an amazing job and you look soooo good! Please keep up the amazing work and stick to it!

  5. You’re so sweet! I’m sure you’re much better than you think :) Thank you for your kind words 🤗

  6. From $40 beach towels to $5 digital albums… I’d rather to support Etsy creators instead who create great merchandise at reasonable prices 🌈

  7. I had to put down two of the sweetest cats in a short timespan (Thanksgiving 2021 to July 2022). I truly love them so much, and letting them go was so immensely painful and saddening. I cried so hard my eyes were swollen for days… I miss you, Nutmeg and Buddy. My soul cats ❤️

  8. Pressing down on the tv channel buttons—sometimes having to press very hard because they weren’t working as well anymore. The sound of loading a VHS into the VCR and rewinding the tape. Opening/closing my CD player and tuning to find a good station.

  9. Gorgeous. Sure, she could be talking about a man, but if I remember correctly, she introduced her tour backup dancers, all female, with this song playing. Definitely a choice. 😶 not sure if I’m allowed to post the link but it’s on YouTube! “reputation gorgeous intro + live”

  10. On my second (and last) white water rafting adventure nearly a decade ago, this tip was ingrained in my mind. Like any 14 year old, I doubted we were going to need to use it. What are the odds we’d fall out of the raft anyway? Well, with an incompetent, thrill-seeking guide, very likely. We were only on the water for about five minutes before he drove us straight toward a high class rapid. The next thing I know, the raft has vanished and I’m rushing down the river coughing up water, hearing my family scream for help and that they couldn’t breathe. I was terrified out of my mind and the only thing I could remember was to keep my knees tucked to my chest. If I hadn’t, things would have ended much differently.

  11. So weird that she hasn’t released it. Sure, I understand she wants to milk the other singles, but why the huge wait?

  12. Tiny Homes. A few years ago I was really hoping to buy one or build my own with a $14k budget. Now they’re selling for a minimum of $50k.

  13. I’m sorry you’ve had such terrible experiences with instructors. Half of the reason I didn’t drive for years was because of my terrible instructor in high school. I failed the first time, cried so hard he had pity and I passed the second time. But this guy was so intimidating and scary that it was a wonder I passed at all.

  14. evermore ❤️ both albums are my faves, cardigan is one of my all time favorite songs. But evermore just always hits different for me

  15. I am a guy that has had like 50 of these. This is due to a complicated medical issue since birth. But they are treated the same way. I would go back to Urgent care or if you have those Minute Clinics in stores and tell them it keeps coming back. You prob just need a longer dose of antibiotics. Don’t worry too much about it moving to the kidneys. The pain you describe is very common. Take Advil or Tylenol to help with that. The other thing you should be doing is the sucky part. Drink lots of water. I know you hurt and go a lot already but flushing out your bladder is very helpful. Also try and make sure you empty complete when you go. Some people for different reasons don’t get it all out and that extra urine can become dirty and infected. Hope you feel better soon.

  16. Thank you for your response! I’m sorry you deal with this too

  17. I started having UTI symptoms a few weeks ago and went to the Urgent Care. Took a 5 day dose of Keflex and it seemed like things went away, but a week ago my symptoms returned. Burning when urinating occasionally, frequent urination. My main concern is that I’ve felt pretty bloated and my back is starting to hurt. Probably my third UTI this year. I am trying to get an appointment with my urologist but I’ve been told I might not be able to get in until the end of NEXT MONTH. In short, I’m terrified that this is a kidney infection or something even more serious. What should I do??

  18. Yes. Over a year ago I was having extreme heart palpitations and chest pain. It got so bad I thought I had a heart problem. After numerous doctor’s visits, the cardiologist did an EKG and I wore a heart monitor for two weeks. Despite everything coming back normal, my anxiety continued. I was in a stressful job and was miserable.

  19. I’d love a period piece allusion to ivy ❤️ Or dorothea. Basically, folklore and evermore visuals would be ideal

  20. Come In With the Rain… Idk, the instrumentals sound so yearning and it seems very western somehow? I love it

  21. Not to be cranky but she’s still charging for (not even great) remixes after seeing the crap fest that was this week with tickets? The prices for those tickets are disgusting. Not saying she has any sway with it (I mean, she’s the biggest pop star on the planet right now so I would hope so). But at least wait a week or two before you start plugging more merch. I know she’s a capitalist queen. She has staff to feed. But come on, it’s just ridiculous 😬

  22. Either way, she’s super huge and we can’t deny how famous she is

  23. Not exactly a lyric but the way she delivers it. In Question…? I can’t stand the “and right, but tonight” part. Too much auto tune! It pulls me out of the song each time.

  24. Waited for hours yesterday, and by the time I was let in the prices were ridiculous. I like Taylor, I’d love to see her in concert, but I can’t justify spending $400 before tax for mid-tier seats, which then turned to nosebleed seats as everything was snatched up so quickly. Very disappointed, but I’ll just put that money elsewhere, I guess.

  25. Well, it was nice entertaining the thought to see her in concert. Based on how things are going I don’t think I’ll be able to get tickets by the time I leave work today, then having to start all over when I get home… Plus, sounds like the prices are astronomical. :(

  26. I’m so sorry ❤️ I can tell she was so well loved, and loved you so much in return.

  27. Friend, know you’re not alone with these thoughts. ❤️ When I had to put my Nutmeg down I waited so long to rearrange my room, even take anything out that even vaguely reminded me of her. I saved both of her collars and thankfully the vet was able to give me a pressing of her paw and a tuft of her hair. When I had to put Buddy down not even a year later, it hurt me to go anywhere outside because it reminded me of him (he was an outdoor cat despite me pleading for years with my parents to make him indoor). Unfortunately I don’t have any fur clippings but he did walk across wet cement on our property years ago, and I took pictures of that to have with me.

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