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Guy wears blackface at BLM protest

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  1. Starlink don't owe you shit. So tired of you entitled ppl. If you need Internet so bad, then move. And no, I don't work for Starlink or affiliated with them in any way.

  2. Starlink literally owes me what I paid for you absolute fucking idiot.

  3. This is the mechanic version of “don’t catch a falling knife”.

  4. I love mine. But they’re super impractical to use as a military weapon. The FAL/G3/CETME were way further along for .308 battle rifles.

  5. I really like the look of that suit! Who makes it? I would love to pick one up for my girl!

  6. What we Canadians did to our aboriginal peoples. I’m not just talking about settler bullshit but as recent as 1996.

  7. Agreed. I had a friend from Indonesia tell me more detail on it than I learned on my own.

  8. Oh yeah I see. My bad. I think the 408 is neat as hell and slippery as fuck. This cartridge in specific is trash because of the crack

  9. Oh okay haha. I just was hoping for a justification to not feel so bad about being forever broke lol

  10. Anybody that badmouths any Cheytac (375, 408, 416, do they make any others?) Is just someone too poor to appreciate it.

  11. Honestly when I misinterpreted your comment as you trashing the .408 I immediately had a preconceived notion that you were insanely rich.

  12. If it wasn’t instinct/hormone driven I don’t think I’d ever do it. But because it is, it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in if my fiancé says it’s sexy time I’m automatically dtf. Thank you instinct and hormones!

  13. Same in Canada, in my city we have armed home invasions at least couple of times a week, and the police take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

  14. I feel you but I’ve made up my mind about this. If a human being (such as the one shown in this video)forces their way into my home with a gun and knife I’ll gladly go to prison for manslaughter.

  15. Not only does she know what she’s doing that whole situation was pre meditated

  16. Live trap, spay/neuter, surrender to a shelter is what I used to do. Until those methods became way too expensive/couldn’t find any shelters to take stray cats anymore so I started using an alternative method. People who have cats and let them outside are assholes. In my area they’re all feral barn cats. Fucking garbage people don’t fix their cats and then they have litters of them, panic and find the closest barn.

  17. I haven’t unitized the gas system yet but I’m planning on it soon. Other than that the op rod guide isn’t contacting anywhere it shouldn’t be. Fantastic shooter to be honest very capable of consistent 1.375” MOA with milsurp. Haven’t started the reload process yet as it hasn’t been unitized.

  18. Does the zero move after 10 rounds or stay consistent?

  19. It’s consistent. Zeroed at 100m. 150rds since and no shift. I do still want to unitize it though every 20-25rds I’ll notice a downward vertical stringing due to the gas plug working it’s way out. Even by hand tightening it into place again it’s enough to get me back on target. Once it’s unitized that won’t be an issue anymore.

  20. Size is relative. To small animals and birds they’re cougars.

  21. Exactly my neighbor was screaming at me because I caught her cat that was trying to kill a nest of caridnals. Saying I was attacking her cat. Maby if they cared so much about it they'd keep it inside

  22. Cat people seem to forget that they own apex predators. The only difference between a house cat and a Cougar is the size.

  23. Looks like they saved a metric fuck ton of money on their wedding from here.

  24. My fiancé and I are planning to elope in Scotland with our 4 year old son next May and staying for a 2 week honeymoon/vacation. My family/extended family is absolutely pissed but we’ll save $50k, have a great time and then come home and have a big semi formal party.

  25. All the people saying pregnant women, you don't sleep with the baby guys.

  26. Hey that’s me! Also my sons name is Lachlan (I know it’s not the same but close enough)

  27. Get me one of them multiple personality 30yr old ladies and I’ll be good.

  28. I thought your story was completely fine. I would disregard what this person is trying to tell you. Good way you handled it.

  29. Thanks, I don’t know what people are going through so I try not to react in a way that could cause them more pain. Hell I didn’t even downvote the guy.

  30. I never downvote people unless they really piss off somehow lol. I mean i rarely upvote anything but we dont talk about that.

  31. Dude the bible is trash. In catholic school I read it twice in Grade 7. It gave me the ammunition I needed to harass the priest who singled me out in front of the whole class and said I wasn’t being confirmed since I missed church for a 2 months when I had strep.

  32. The Thoreau approach I think is something we should all do. All of us at some point should have to eat something we have killed, gutted, cleaned, and cooked. If you want to be vegetarian after that or not, so be it, but I think everyone needs to understand that meat was once part of a living, breathing creature.

  33. I thoroughly agree, I’ve been hunting/foraging for my food in some shape or form since I was 8. I grew up in rural Ontario, Canada in a very left wing non hunting family. No one taught me how to hunt I sort of just had this passion early in life.

  34. No, he's shot a Ruger 10/22, Mossberg 500 and Remington 700 .308 Handled them all not just safely but properly and well. Even ran through all kinds of shells from bird shot to magnum slugs!

  35. Okay good lol. A very light gun in 3” 12g kicks like a mule. At least my old H&R M48 Topper does. My grandfather had me shoot my first gun when I was around 9. It was an OA 3” 12g and he said the only way it works is if you pull both triggers. Im surprised I even liked guns after that. Not even a trolling redneck, a fucking world renowned ENT surgeon (which now that I think of it is probably why he was so adamant about ear pro before I shot).

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