1. God these are good. I recognize the Gravity Falls pages but anyone know the rest?

  2. This rules. My first thought was that I want to see if I can make one with a lot more joints! I think wiggly arms would be pretty fun.

  3. What's with all the boomer comments? Kids these days don't work and just whine and complain and make their ticktock dances and play their fork nights

  4. Exactly. This is how every older generation has viewed every younger generation for hundreds of years.

  5. His channel (Neebsgaming) is named after this voice-actor's character Neebs in BFFs previous show - Doraleous and Associates.

  6. Man, I fuckin loved Doraleous and Associates back in the day. Can’t believe they left it hanging like they did.

  7. I feel like this is a reference to something I don’t know about…

  8. I can’t believe he finally released the poster. Every time I saw it in the show I was always shocked that you couldn’t buy it.

  9. Very cool title! Classic spooky term that you don’t see thrown around too much😂

  10. I remember reading it several years back. The art style is fairly realistic, and I believe the main characters might have been draft dodgers.

  11. Like Crystal Phoenix — qntm wrote a story called Lena.

  12. I’ve been scrolling to make sure someone mentioned this story! Such a great, short read with deeply upsetting implications.

  13. Aw yeah, Cell's BACK. Hopefully we may even get an update on Assok...if Click and the sea don't drown them all first.

  14. I feel like this is referencing something I’m unfamiliar with…

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