1. Tank guy: Expensive. Shoots straight piercing shots. Can almost solo everything if placed correctly.

  2. Pro Tip: People are more likely to predict you if you act predictably. Try to act unpredictably when you are invisible, like instead of running straight into the enemy, you should make a detour and attack from the most unexpected side. You can also simply wait for a while to let the enemies waste their ammo.

  3. idk about those teleporters, they make it a baserush basically

  4. This is the problem I see in most custom Heist maps. For some reason, people really like building an entire interesting-looking map, only to ruin it with a pair of teleporters that lead directly onto the enemy safe.

  5. Give those poor torso-less monkey heads a torso, and just one, the very same one for all four of them.

  6. If I had to guess, it might be a glitch where when Chalice's hitbox reaches the top of the screen, it wraps around to the bottom and makes contact with Cagney's vines. I am not a programmer, but it's a possibility.

  7. The problem you mentioned would probably only appear on old games on old consoles because of technology limitations.

  8. My guess is Ruby, based on the color of the python snake

  9. It isn't so fun for your teammates when you're constantly trying to double jump instead of doing what's supposed to be done.

  10. What about double-jumping when necessary? Like when there is a Mortis right in front of you?

  11. Where is this stupid guy, who spam all comments about how he likes Otis when he needed most?

  12. Hello I’m one of the stupid guys who used to spam comments on how much I liked Otis.

  13. Use 1st gadget because it’s more fun. Don’t use that Barley/Squeak ripoff.

  14. If you also have a big city and a sheep farm, you could set up trash cans around the city.

  15. I think the split they currently have is fine.

  16. I agree. The Wild West trio is also pretty similar to the Golden Arm trio, but there’s enough difference to make each of them unique.

  17. Although it’s technically not cheating, it’s definitely a dick move.

  18. buster is still the best brawler with a lot of health and way above average dps plus that op super that makes it impossible to hold a lane against him(except if you are a buster)

  19. And then there’s my random teammates who’s just like the young Reinhardt from the Overwatch animations who neglects teammates and charges into the enemies for useless kills.

  20. Hazbin Hotel's pilot was extremely cluttered. It had way too much going on with tons of characters being introduced (With a couple of extra additions shoved in last minute)

  21. Well I think that as the Hazbin series moves to streaming with an actual studio animating it, I imagine they’ll redo the pilot, if I’m not wrong the pilot is already semi removed from cannon

  22. There’s no need to remove the pilot episode. It was just made to test the water. It’s common for television series to go in different directions after the pilot episode.

  23. Well there’s just the pilot episode so we don’t really know how it will go in the actual series.

  24. Well it’s a bloon dog so I guess it may inflate or deflate itself?

  25. I’m certain that most right-handed people will go red while most left-handed people will go blue. It’s just the matter of convenience.

  26. 九千九百九十九秭九千九百九十九垓九千九百九十九京九千九百九十九兆九千九百九十九億九千九百九十九萬九千九百九十九

  27. Byron yeah deserves a little buff, the reload speed nerf really hit him hard

  28. The reload speed nerf would be fine if he was compensated with damage buff. The biggest problem with Byron was the fact that as a long range DoT/healer, Byron has so much reload speed that he can consistently heal his teammates while also prevent the enemies from healing. Now that Byron has limited ammo, it should be fair for Byron to get some damage lost in the earlier balance changes back.

  29. I think simple design fits BS characters better, so definitely 2.

  30. GameFreaks truly has slowly transformed from a game company to a company that sells merch (kinda like Sanrio. I’m not sure what the accurate term is. ).

  31. I don’t think Mortis deserves to be removed. It’s not a fault for having such high skill floor. It’s the YouTube trick shot montages which have been teaching people to play Mortis in the wrong way.

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