1. Starbucks was the worst. They paid like $45. I loved the Targets. They were set at $95, then $125 after 6pm-7am. Any service call was an easy 100 for my guys. I was a manager during my Copesan/commercial time, so I was salary. But my guys loved Target. Starbucks was literally the worst.

  2. I was paid hourly. Starbucks was almost impossible to treat anything unless you showed up before right after they opened and they all had fruit flies

  3. ^ this… I started when I was 12 caddied there every summer afterwards until I was 23. No better job for a teenager in my opinion

  4. I’m not sure which super bowl ring it was, but it was one of the early ones, 2001, 2003, 2004 but Robert kraft met Putin and Putin asked to see his super bowl ring. Putin then just pocketed the thing and straight up stole it. To this day he’s never gotten it back and we all assume that Putin still has that Patriots Super Bowl ring somewhere

  5. These are one of the worst 22 rounds ever. Remington thunderbolts, and golden bullets are horrible. Constant feeding issues. I wouldnt pay anywhere near that price for them.

  6. Thunderbolt is dirty as hell but Golden bullet is ok. I’ve had the most issues with Winchester bulk .22 lr (333, 555, even super x 100 packs) than either Remington brand

  7. I thought Walmart stopped selling ammo? Or maybe it’s just in different areas.. haven’t seen any in New England

  8. Crazy how much money that is compared to two years ago. Feel bad for people who got into guns during covid. I haven’t shot more than a handful of rounds other than .22 in over two years

  9. i wonder how many bobby baccala sr had. he was the terminator. a few minutes of screentime netted him 3 kills. (counting himself)

  10. EAA Windicator, Ruger LCR, RIA M200, Charter Arms, S&W J Frame

  11. I’d recommend a Charter Arms Undercover over the similar alternatives

  12. If I have some then you should. Except in my revolver. I carry wadcutters in it

  13. Nice. Wish I could use footholds in my state and that trapping season was more than a month long

  14. No lol. Conibears can only be be used by licensed problem animal controls agents (nuisance / damage control) in season , out of season even pac agents need a permit from the town to use conibears. Other than that it’s cage traps or Hancock Bailey (with a state certificate) for beaver.

  15. Better than me, that’s one of the reasons I quit carrying my 340 unless it’s tucked in my hoodie goin to the gas station.

  16. I know semi autos are better in terms of capacity and ease of use but I don’t go about my life as a civilian preparing for a gun fight. I think a j frame would be adequate for most potential DGUs in everyday life.

  17. I guess I don’t understand how you can be prepared to reload a wheel gun under stress but not be a civilian prepared for a gunfight

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