1. I'm going to keep trying for others, but right now I have a 14/13/14 and 15/14/11 zacian and not sure which to potentially focus. Halp please <3

  2. Worry about that in 14 days once the event is over! You'll most likely get a better one by then. Don't invest dust/candy on Zacian right now.

  3. kinda sad, but you know, now not only current GBL players would see a real "E-sport ready" state of Pokemon Go. Niantic had a whole 3 months to fix that. They fixed only fast move leaks.. but weak connections, other bugs are still there...

  4. Well, it changed now to say "Friend that have access can invite you" so like... Can you hook me up? 🤣

  5. Lol I'll try to see if I can! DM me and we'll try and figure it out.

  6. Did you have any luck? I'm getting the same message pop up

  7. Could it be that you need to have the event start where you physically are you get the special moves?

  8. Hydro Cannon Swampert isn’t an event bonus as part of the Worlds event like Incenerate Talonflame or Meteor Mash Metagross are, so it was unlikely the research would give you one with HC. Think this post is basically confirming our expectations, which is appreciated as you never know with Niantic

  9. Right! That flew over my head. For some reason I thought HC was included in this event. Thanks for correcting!

  10. typical IV floor IS in place for reward Pokémon from the code timed research. just got a 11/11/13 Ariados and a 10/11/10 Pelliper from the G-Fisk path

  11. Thanks for confirming. As someone who PvP, I'm going to choose the path that gives me Pokémon I need XL candy for now instead of the actual team comp.

  12. I'll add but you need to provide us your friend code!

  13. In only 1,345 total battles too! That's an amazing accomplishment.

  14. I’ve tried so many times, they aren’t giving me any.

  15. Aside from spinning gyms, opening friend gifts would give revives too!

  16. I just opened 18 gifts this morning and guess what….. no revives.

  17. They only work at walking speeds. If you are travelling at high speeds (such as trains), it won't count your walking distance.

  18. Correct me if I'm wrong but adventure sync doesn't work if you're riding at all. Doesn't it sync with your step counter? If you aren't moving your legs it's not going to track any distance.

  19. Yes you're correct. You need to be moving as in actually walking or biking to actually get distance counted as it syncs with your phone health app.

  20. Try and find bug rocket grunts, there's a chance it may give you shadow Skorupi.

  21. I just want them to update OSM. There are countless places in the world that are developed and have foot traffic but because Niantic hasn't updated this in more than 3 years (I think their last update was Feb 2019), my entire neighbourhood of 8 stops and 3 gyms still have 0 spawns because the game thinks it's in the middle of nowhere that is under construction.

  22. You can only obtain ME via walking only if you have mega evolved that species before.

  23. Saw him on Adventure Incense and said NOPE, not worth all the ducking and diving and dodging he does lol 🙃

  24. Download PokeGenie. A feature in that app is that it helps you find 5 random players from around the world to join you in raids.

  25. Just want to add, unless it’s something like mewtwo, there will probably be a 5-10 minute wait to host. Start inviting people to the raids when you’re walking to the raid, don’t wait until you’re there. You’ll stand around for a while feeling stupid.

  26. ^ this. I usually look at the queue in PG before I start the raid to see how long it'll take approximately to get to my turn. For example during raid hour, I usually start hosting at 5:50 to 5:55 so when it gets to 6pm, it'll be almost my turn to host and won't waste too much time.

  27. How is that a better way to look at it lmao

  28. I don't know man! Just trying to keep morale high up here XDD

  29. This is hilarious considering it beat down a Pidgeot hahahaha.

  30. One of the many new bugs Niantic introduced in this Bug Out event! 🙃

  31. You could say the Bug Catcher pose is...buggy. I'll see myself out.

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