1. Does anyone know if this uses an IR blaster or if you can use it with the Sonos beam?

  2. I have the same issue but I never found a solution. Although mine is the 2018 version so it's been several years since I got it. But when I checked my battery capacity it did say it was dramatically lower. I basically just use it as my desktop now.

  3. How did you resolve the delay issue?

  4. Watch your local marketplace or CL. Deals pop up. Either way, any add on speakers will make it better. I’m currently indulging. Probably fucking my ears up, but yolo

  5. The Eric Dunham magazine? I never noticed that, but its great!

  6. Been a while since I watched the show. Can you explain the significance of the magazine please?

  7. I feel this is true but it's not necessarily a solution. Best to work through issues and find the root cause of problems you may have

  8. Damn this is what getting old feels like... I don't like it

  9. Chuck! It's a great show with spies, intricate missions, and great writing

  10. Check the undergrad blog for a document about the CPA/MAcc path. It shows you the minimum grade you have to achieve in order to be admitted into the Mac program. If you didn't achieve a certain grade for one of the courses, you may be required to repeat it during the summer.

  11. I'm not in the CPA stream, and i know you need a B in your last 2 years of school. If i apply January of my 3rd year with a c+ average, then bump my average back to a B by april, does that count?

  12. I'm not sure tbh. I would assume that it wouldn't count because you need certain courses to be admitted into the MAcc. I think you would have better luck talking to an academic advisor cus I'm not sure how it would work if you're not in the CPA stream.

  13. Yeah, OMIS is what you would specialize in if you want to go into data analysis. Pair that with a finance and actg specialization and it would give you valuable skills that employers need and want.

  14. Talk to your prof and TA and tell them you are having trouble. They will give you advice catered to your specific situation. Better to ask for help sooner rather than later.

  15. I've heard that junior positions can earn up to 50 to 60k at certain firms as the starting salary. But after 5 to 7 years you can expect 100k as a manager role.

  16. Wow that's better than I thought! Do you know if this is the case for non accounting/finance firms too?

  17. Disney+ used to release weekly episodes as well for season 12. But idk why it doesn't anymore

  18. Same in Ireland but nothing so far this season 😢

  19. Hopefully its released soon 😥

  20. Don't spend time and money on something you don't enjoy. It might make logical sense because it's a high paying field but you're gonna hate the next few years of uni if you don't like it.

  21. Sure it's software. I've never experienced anything like this, I bought mine in 2019 and it still easily do 6-8 hours of remote working.

  22. As a i/BBA student, as long as you meet the minimum requirements you will be admitted to the MAcc program.

  23. You would have to retake the course in order to meet the minimum requirements

  24. According to Schulich profs they are not a part of the same union as York profs so Schulich isn't impacted in the same way

  25. I also include activities that help me sharpen the axe and relax. Might be an unpopular opinion but this includes spending time with friends and family, going for a walk, watching a movie/show.

  26. I didn't go and I was fine. I just didn't know where some classes were.

  27. If I can sell the ticket then I'm taking that, otherwise I'll take the cash

  28. Sooxfar plays mirage somewhat often but doesn't main him

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