1. I used to post “MEME OF THE DAY” around a few work stations. I also used to put up words aren’t real signs everywhere.

  2. I get an allowance every year so I’ve acquired about 10 sets total that I keep.

  3. "My boots aren’t exactly clean and I don’t care to shine them that often."

  4. How much weight is on the belt? Are you one of the lucky few who gets to move most of the weight onto an outer carrier? Velcro will wear out with the constant on/off at the end of the day. How much weight you have on the belt will wffect how fast it wears and how soon it reaches the point where you can't rely on it as a sole connection.

  5. I’d say moderately heavy. I don’t carry a sidearm but I do carry a few heavier tools like a taser, cuffs and a radio.

  6. I’m happy right now to have such a steady, well paying job in an economy going to shit. The job sucks and it takes years off your life but in terrible economic times it makes it more bearable as you can mostly skate through the turmoil.

  7. I don’t get paid much, but I’ll never be broke or worrying about when my next check is.

  8. The MXT575 is a spendy unit for what it is. I’d take that in to consideration. If you have clear line of sight than wattage won’t give you many more fars.

  9. Sar'nt don't wanna talk to you, and it's almost 1800. Take it up with night shift.

  10. I believe patrol should be required to bring donuts as an offering to us when they bring someone in.

  11. “What’s that? Deputy Shitbag called in sick for the 9th time? Sorry LT, I’ve been drinking since I left the parking lot. Good luck finding someone though.”

  12. It's a Bushmaster. I didn't know much about ARs when I bought it. I've learned much since then.

  13. Meh, there’s better and there’s worse. I think a lot of people get too wound up on what roll mark is on the gun. It has a sight, sling, and light. And most importantly it’s not BCA.

  14. Do you plan on firing blanks or something with them? I would look at dedicated parade rifles cause M1As and M1 Garands are heavy as fuck.

  15. Maybe do something that helps spread the word? I know a lot of people like to pretend that human trafficking is only in movies or large cities.

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