Senate approves Inflation Reduction Act, clinching long-delayed health and climate bill

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  1. I am skeptical that a leftist/democratic socialist candidate winning a democratic primary is in any way proof that leftist policy is popular or that leftists can win writ large.

  2. Illhan Omar almost lost her primary yesterday, won by only 2%

  3. Dems lost the the MN-01 special election results 51.1-46.9 with 99% counted. But in 2020 Trump won this district by 10 points, and it's rated something like R+15. So Jeff Ettinger, the Dem candidate, is overperforming Biden 2020 by 6 points.

  4. Her main problem was that she didn’t run TV ads because she didn’t take the challenge seriously, and she still won. Bush and Tlaib crushed their challengers, so clearly socialism isn’t dying. Omar will probably win more easily in 2024, unless her primary opponent is Klobuchar.

  5. Are those 3 really socialists? They’re just populist socdems imo, they support a large welfare state. I don’t see them call for workers to seize the means of production

  6. What are the MN-01 stats (partisan lean, Biden/Democratic performance)

  7. R+8, people here weren't expecting a win, just wanted to compare it to 2020

  8. accuse them of being anti-American Marxist-Leninists.

  9. How would that work? They think taxation is theft and that welfare is socialism

  10. it doesnt need to make sense. they already believe things that dont make sense.

  11. Idk how much that’ll work considering they grew up on Cold War propoganda 🤷‍♂️

  12. Why is that bad? On paper that sounds good. Why so opposed?

  13. Biden arguably accomplished more with 50 Senators than Obama did with 60.

  14. Besides Dodd frank, repealing DADT and obamacare what else did Obama also get done in his first two years (Not downplaying those accomplishments, just asking)

  15. Two out of those were mentioned before, but you’re right

  16. He thinks that he's a viable presidential candidate (lol) and needs resume items for both the primary ("stood up to China by voting against adding Sweden and Finland to NATO") as well as the general ("crossed party lines to make insulin more affordable").

  17. How’s voting against nato expansion stand up to China?

  18. Republicans will be praising China in 1-2 years, mark my words

  19. He might be dumb on that, but I think it's entirely possible to be dumb about one thing but smart about another. I don't know whether he was a good advisor or not, but I wouldn't fire him for just that.

  20. For the far right, saying something is rigged is another way to say they didn’t like the results of it

  21. What is it with Republicans and making everything U.S-centric? We are literally 4% of the worlds population.

  22. Basically, it means that he's firmly in the center of the party and representative of their platform.

  23. What about the political spectrum? Or like European political party groups, who would be ALDE & who would PES?

  24. I know it’s sad, compared to Western Europe, America is one degree to the right of Europe, (centrist here being center left there)

  25. For real. It could be a defining moment for pro sports. Emphasis on “could”, I’m not holding my breath but I’ll gladly be pleasantly surprised.

  26. Trevor Bauer was suspended for two seasons for based off of 3 accounts IIRC

  27. So if Watson sues the league and gets a temporary restraining order, the earliest he can play is Week 7 correct?

  28. True Leftists™️ do not consider the PS to be left-wing at all, due to their pro-EU policies and pro-market economy reforms

  29. So is PS left wing? You made fun of the “true socialists”

  30. No, I hate Trump as the next guy but making a direct real-world connection is not what I want, frankly I'm tired of hearing about the dude

  31. What a bunch of fucks, they refuse to throw the book at him

  32. It is going to be a massacre. Both the Senate race and the Gubernatorial race are some of the biggest mismatches of any races across the country this election cycle.

  33. "Why was stevie wonders always smiling? He couldnt see he was a n-word"

  34. It never stops amazing me how the supposedly tech-focused and futurist crowd at Reddit bought into a guy who was peddling failed democratic socialist ideas from the 70s.

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