1. She barely did anything, haven't you seen the shit mario has done?

  2. It is as if I have two personalities but don't at the same's like eh...eheheehheheh.....ah ahahahahahahh! AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHH!

  3. Everytime she bitches about something, I recap the entire kirby lore

  4. Well now I know for sure that its a she. When did Meowscles have a daughter

  5. No because if you take the skin and talk to meowscles, he refers to Meow skulls as "Little Sis"

  6. I'd say the characters faded out are ones that have not been saved. OC's can be with this logic as they can be characters trapped in the underground vault thing.

  7. Old man is a pokemon character and hasn't been saved from nintendo yet

  8. Oh okay- I recognized Cyrus and Dimentio from their games, I don’t remember seeing a slime-telephone hybrid in a Nintendo game.

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