1. There absolutely is a profit incentive for them to share resources wtf is this post

  2. Ummmm, actually they do it because they love eachother? Clearly?

  3. Japan's legal system is honestly surreal. They go to hell and back to try and prove everyone guilty because they think a high conviction rate is the same thing as a high "win record."

  4. That's not entirely accurate, Japan does have their 99% conviction rate and the court system is heavily prejudiced in favour of the prosecution, but mostly the way the high conviction rate gets maintained is that the state, to uphold the high win record, will fairly often just not press charges if they think theres a chance they might lose.

  5. The Greeks had the right idea, saying Gaia made it just to cut Ouranos' balls off

  6. Wait how is the British Raj Settler colonialist, it was just normal colonialism, they still used local princes to rule the area.

  7. Who? The the rich peasants hording and burning food in the middle of a famine or the millions who volunteered for either the army or collective farms

  8. I would suppose one of the 3,5 million Ukrainians who died in the holodomor

  9. Yeah a famine made worse by the civil war, and corruption within the Ukrainian government. There’s signed documents from Stalin asking where the grain shipment from Moscow went and asking why Moscow isn’t getting any news on the famine.

  10. Holy shit was he trying to imply that freedom is bad? Like it seems he’s trying to make the argument that widespread freedom (which could be debated on whether or not even exists) is recent to humanity, and therefore bad? That’s a level of conservative dickeating I didn’t know existed

  11. No i really don't think so, I think that's a wildly uncharitable interpretation of what he said? I think he's just trying to say we shouldn't take freedom for granted/that America with its freedom is so special or something? If it's the second that's stupid but i really don't think this is that bad of a quote for Ben

  12. Tropius. I desperately want it to be good. Even sun boosted solar beam hits like a wet napkin

  13. I used to run him with harvest, berry, Ddance substitute, Leaf Blade/Aerial Ace, Protect/Eq in gen 6 or 7 PU or something, wasn't horrible

  14. No, you're thinking of plutonium, Pluto means "bitch" or "fuck" in Spanish.

  15. No, you're think of puta, Pluto was the most prominent Greek philosopher.

  16. Bush did 911 conspiracists are great because all you have to do is ask 'Why?' and they collapse into a puddle.

  17. Well they say get a casus belli to invade Afghanistan which uhhhh america really wanted because uhhhh


  19. Vlogging Through History said he was awful, as did The Cynical Historian, Ben Shapiro absolutely despises him, the only biography that's somewhat sympathetic is

  20. Yeah that's because the Great War was like the one thing where he actually had pretty good ideas so i can understand

  21. As many have stated, Consent is a very big thing, Ann hardly had a say in tye matter and even if she did, she was pretty much blackmailed

  22. The age of consent in Tokyo is 18, in fact nowhere in Japan is the AoC lower than 16

  23. In Japan, each prefecture gets to decide its own AoC. Every prefecture has picked either 16 or 18, but according to federal law, this cannot be lower than 13. Raising the minimum AoC to 16 would be only a symbolic move and make 0 changes

  24. I'm going to be honest, I love JBP's suits, I wish more people would wear wacky custom made suits

  25. How I be looking at the Aztec warrior when I'm not actually fighting him because the Spanish crown heavily used local militias are warriors against the Aztecs and it's actually a myth spurred by white nationalism that a small group of white soldiers could defeat literally hundreds of thousands of brown people unaided somehow

  26. Big semantics, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Spanish Crown IIRC, as Cortés kinda went on his own to conquer the Aztecs. Once they did learn about his conquest they were initially mad at him since, because the Natives had never explicitly refused conversion to Christianity, they just didn't know about it, it couldn't be justified morally as per the church, right up until the pope said it was ok to conquer the natives and then they went all in on the americas.

  27. Bullied in school for being trans and the two arrested children were her bullies so... idk how you could have any non-circumstantial evidence but it seems pretty obvious to me knowing this country.

  28. Ok, yeah, that makes sense. I do disagree that it being in the UK makes it obvious, considering the UK

  29. Social acceptance yes, but our government is one of the most oppressive in Europe. We aren't culturally transphobic in general but the UK as a government is. Also, the transphobes who are here are VERY extreme about it, especially with the epidemic of alt right ideology in secondary schools rn. Theres a generation of kids around her age who have all grown up with andrew tate bullshit and everything associated with that.

  30. well hold up, I think its a bit of a stretch to say the UK government is one of the most oppressive in Europe in a continent featuring Russia, Poland Hungary, most of the balkans etc. Also Andrew Tate has been big for like a year at most, nobody "grew up" with him yet.

  31. that saying is bullshit you can’t just say something put it in quotes and make it true


  33. Technically Romania had a different flag at the time since they were the Peoples republic

  34. i never understood why people need to headcanon a favorite as being the exact same sexuality or identity as them in order to enjoy the character

  35. I mean, (almost) nobody who ships them needs to do that to enjoy the character, and most people who ships them are probably not gay men. It's just a thing people like to do and write fanfics about, why cry about it.

  36. Ethnically French people who were under the English monarchy.

  37. Yeah so she wasn't killed by the people she was fighting for, she was killed by the English monarchy and their people in Rouen

  38. i mean like the representatives/envoys of the monarchy/ those of local pro-English rulers, those in charge of the courts

  39. Also a lot of his stuff feels very much like exploiting the poor "dance, monkey, dance!" style.

  40. not really, have you seen any one of his videos, the focus is never like, look at the insane/degrading things a homeless man will do for money or something

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