LPT - Condoms, what you need to know.

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  1. Es kann natürlich auch sein, dass sich nicht (bzw. Nicht nur) dein Eigengeruch verändert hat, sondern vor allem deine Wahrnehmung.

  2. The problem is that if anything happened to you, your parents have your health insurance info and can authorize treatment, which you cannot. That's just one consideration.

  3. At 14 I already had my own card of insurance, maybe it depends on where you live.

  4. I had such goose bumps when the scene came where the portal was starting to rip open.

  5. Maybe Netflix should just take advantage of their chemistry and put those two in a romcom or something LMAO

  6. Lol! Like some alternative universe of them being alive and falling in love would be nice.

  7. I kinda liked to have the football guys as a side stress factor! Made it many scenes more entertaining (like when they were shopping for guns and other fight stuff).

  8. Lmaoo ‘bad dad’ for paying for all her bills 🤣🤣🤣 reddit is so sick

  9. Do you think he has a right to dictate her life just because he supports her financially?

  10. Also one tip I learned: if you are unsure if your condom got a bit ripped or has a hole somewhere (you maybe can‘t see it), just go to the sink and fill some water in it. If it drips through it‘s ripped!

  11. It's not. They dehydrate themselves to get that way.

  12. But even with dehydration.. those veins on the surfaces of the skin aren‘t that big, are they?

  13. Hey, maybe I'm overstepping, but I wish someone had told me before: it happens the same to me. There's a disease called lipoedema that makes you fat cells no matter what you eat or how hard you exercise. It's painful, but it helps to know that it's not your fault. Please, google that, maybe that's not your case, but it's mine and I just discovered it some months ago, in my mid-thirties, and I wish someone had told me before.

  14. Lol nope. I’m a psychologist you are dropping every sign of being the real narcissist here not your ex. Every single thing you post is a sign of narcissism. You need therapy.

  15. thanks but i'm gonna unmatch her. my red flag detector is going off.

  16. Yeah mine went off hearing that too. Like why should you be the only one making so much effort into the date? She could have easily made a different proposal where to go fir your date instead of coffee.

  17. I did until she got to SO and he started whining about it. Then I just got annoyed. We moved 2 years ago and this is the first time he hasn’t lived RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO HIS PARENTS…. He’s 45. Literally had to suffer through an Everybody Loves Raymond situation for a few years, it suuuuucked

  18. A bunch of us used to hang out on a Teamspeak server to play games. One day we were chatting when the server admin just blurted out: "So [guy] and [girl], you two have the same IP address today. You fucking?"

  19. Nur weil er die AfD gewählt hat, heißt das nicht, dass er sich plötzlich ins Negative verändert hat. Er ist immer noch der gleiche Mensch, der er vor der Aussage war! Falls er sich doch verändert haben sollte (in richtung rassistisch etc.), dann werdet ihr das bemerken.

  20. Nose job, lip injections, jaw shaving, cheek implants, brow lift, botox, possibly ears as well.

  21. Tbh to me it just looks like she got older, lost a bit of weight and does her make-up different now.

  22. I believe they would have had a big showdown fight and one would have ended up in the hospital!

  23. BDA tendierend zu KAH. Kann schon verstehen, dass du nicht bestellt hast sondern er und du damit nichts zu tun haben willst. Trotzdem finde ich wäre es definitiv fair ihm zumindest einen Teil zu geben. Er hat ja auf deine Anfrage für dich mit bestellt. Kommt aber auch drauf an, ob du wusstest, wo er bestellt. Wenn du wusstest, welcher Shop es ist, dann würde ich ihm an deiner Stelle einen Großteil also eigentlich fast alles wieder geben. Wenn der Shop nicht abgesprochen war, würde ich ihm so ca. ein Viertel geben, da es schon größtenteils sein Problem ist. Kommt halt auch ein bisschen darauf an, wie du dich mit ihm verstehst und ob es schlimm wäre, wenn er dich nicht mehr leiden kann. In seinen Augen wirst du definitiv das A sein

  24. Er hatte die Änderung des Shops mitgeteilt, hat OP im Edit geschrieben. Also ist OP selber schuld, sich nicht auch selbst erkundigt zu haben!

  25. Hö? Stell dir das mal im Baumarkt vor. Hey bestellt mir mal im Großhandel die xyz die ich immer kaufe. Jo wir haben Händler gewechselt weil 10% billiger.

  26. Wenn ein Nachbar netterweise für einen mitbestellt, ist das nicht mit dem Baumarkt zu vergleichen.

  27. Laxatives. Some people can‘t use the toilet without them and it will only get worse because your gut will become dependent.

  28. BDA du hälts ne Katze und hast offensichtlich keine Ahnung, frage mich ob du dich überhaupt artgerecht um deine kümmerst. Katzen können bis zu 5km Entfernung regelmäßig für ihr Revier oder Paarungssuche zurücklegen.

  29. Ich frag mich echt was wäre, wenn die Situation umgekehrt wäre. Würde OP seinen Kater nach jahrelangem Freigang plötzlich einsperren?

  30. for the life of me ill never understand why people cant just eat whats on their plate.even if you dont actually cheat putting yourself in situations that can allow it in the future is disrespectful to your relationship

  31. What situation are you talking about? Liking peoples posts on IG? Lol.

  32. i bet you that she probably started following these guys after realizing he was doing it and cheating so that she could have some sanity of not being played because damn have i tried to do that

  33. That makes no sense tho. I don‘t think this is a „he did it, so I‘m doing it too, TAKE THAT“ situation. Some people just like IG posts of attractive people and DON‘T cheat! OP is projecting hard.

  34. Not that I’ve ever seen. Every time I have seen it, it’s been an imposter. I used to play daily with a discord group, and that glitch happened often. Whoever saw it would call a meeting and that would basically end the round.

  35. Mich stört das gar nicht. Ich lass mir davon nicht meine Laune zum Grillen nehmen!

  36. Komischerweise machen sich so viele junge Männer Gedanken um ihre Hände/Handgelenke/Unterarme. Mein Mann dachte früher auch, er hätte zu schmale Handgelenke.

  37. The shampoo at the end would strip the hair of its natural oils and the body would make more oil to compensate. Thus making it “greasier.”

  38. But people who shampoo their hair and don‘t use conditoner don‘t have greasy hair after showering. Maybe it get faster greasy but not like in a day.

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