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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth


  2. Well natural selection says we should probably kill anyone with an sorts of disorder or disease, but at the very least not breed with you to protect the next generation. So if society says let them survive and give them a couple hundred bucks…sounds like a win to me.

  3. Absolutely bro, would you like me to leave reading material along the trail?

  4. By the end of the video, the accuser was the only one who still had a phone in his hand.

  5. They see I have Reddit on my phone

  6. I feel like a normal guy that just happens to have a PhD. Sure, I probably know more than the average person about limnology, but I don’t feel smarter, because I suck at alot of other things.

  7. Same. Although hard, one of the best experiences I have had and truly shaped my future.

  8. I was actually shocked to find out that many colleges in the US take attendance. Seems like OP is at a college with an attendance policy and prof could fuck them over using that policy.

  9. We have to take attendance by law because some agencies( GI bill, ICE, employers) require it, but you don’t have to make it count towards your grade. But professors (atleast in va) have to drop a student if they haven’t heard from them for 14 consecutive days.

  10. I have a PhD and work in academia. We all call each other by our first names and I have never heard anyone throw the fact they have a PhD in anyone’s face. That’s just my experience.

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