1. I like how when he says "everyone" it's literally zooms out the room to show noonee but him in there. Pathetic. Let me guess, I was only "bLuNt" because "I was protecting you and well I like you so I want to make you feel bad" ewwwww, I cannot stand bully romance stories. They are so fucking stupid and terrible. What I can't stand is when authors are like this is "enemies to lovers" this is straight up bullying. Bully LI are roaches. 🪳

  2. Hell yeah, Felix? Serve me that man on a dish. I'll take him 3+ times

  3. Under His Protection STILL eatssss. The author herself deserves her own reward for creating 3 fucking amazing stories in a row. I'll eat anything Amanda gives her readers. Not to mention, her gem choices are undoubtedly the best and smartest I have ever seen. 🫡

  4. That bonus scene better be half an hour long because there is no fucking way you are charging your readers 30+ GEMS for a 2 minute scene that isn't even good, when the story itself is not even tolerable. ☠️

  5. Nahh don't tell me this is "The Big Oh?" story bc its wild af the author is so horny

  6. I was TEMPTED with the outrageously flirt, because I wanted IN that man's pants. 🤣 BUT then I remembered someone telling me to not just treat him like a fuck buddy. Treat him like your soulmate. He honest, trust him (hold back on wanting to pound him mostly)

  7. Oooof, I remeber loooving the hell put of that authors stories. Literally wrote some of the most romantic shit ever. AuthorNia was it? An absolute let down now, and this screenshot actually saddens me, so disappointing because what the hell? I mean I get when authors do the whole "bonus content for gems" but when you make a romance story and EXPECT the reader to pay to even get the slightest of romance is where it becomes ridiculous. I wanted to read her Christmas story, but saw that it had maaany gem encounters, and decided to unfavorite, and not even waste my time on it. Shame on the author. Anyone would click out, probably why her stories are not as revelant as they were back then. 🫣 Make your stories enjoyable for your readers, while also helping yourself out. (Best way to incorporate the gems and make your story in the "trending" is to have the bonus content, and unlockable CLOSETS) When you come across this, this is rather infuriating,, and for 12 gems? Lol. Wow. What even happens when you cannot afford and press on the free option?

  8. On some of them you even lose points! But I don’t think the points actually matter because I lost a bunch

  9. Oh hell noooo, i'd drop the story lol. I dropped the author all together actually. 🦭

  10. Promiscuous MC that basically is the playgirl but has some major character development towards the end eighter knowing her worth (being independent) or in the relationship. Reverse the roles FOR ONCE. How many times can an autjor write the same ol shit over and over. I've only ever seen TWO stories like that. Why does it always have to be the badboy that has a "daaaaaaRk past" and "i'm cold and ruthless, and only use women because my past made me that way" oh my god. I'm over player LI and innocent pure mc's that can never catch a break and always get disrespected.

  11. That's why messages exist, in occurrences like clothes. I always try and ask their measurements/and or how they run, I know you can't do that in actual stories online but you have the option to on here, why people just buy then blame it on you because THEY did not ask is beyond me. The fault goes to the buyer 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. sir, I hope you are not insinuating that you want miss my little pony to see your "mAsSiVe" cock. 🦭

  13. Dude was a major douchebag to the mc but he had nice character development, although to me it felt so sudden? 🤨 nonetheless I actually liked the story.

  14. Yeah exactly. I just got my beach vacation off in July. Just make sure you send in the request at least two weeks ahead of time and you should be good.

  15. So, I don't work weekends, would I have to also include every single day from Saturday till the next Sunday of that week? Also what would you pit for the hours, form x - x ? Hopefully it works, because I find that to be so much easier than having to tell my ASM and getting an almost look of disappointed.

  16. You shouldn’t have to put in hours, but yeah I would put even the days you usually get off.

  17. So sorry for the amount of quistions, i've just never done this and hope that it goes through. How would I know that it went through and i'm on RTO. I'm scared that I put in the RTO in for that week only for that weel to come and I see that I'm scheduled for such and such.

  18. I don’t disagree. But when did they say they watched 4 seasons of dubbed?

  19. To answer you, yeah I watched all prior episodes in dubbed in a matter of a month, so yeah that's what I'm accustomed to. Why would I just jump into something completely blind. The VA's sound fine to me, I don't know why people get so triggered when you just share your opinion that you watch something in dub, literally why?

  20. Just want to tell you how amaaaazing this, and Bloodshot Rose are!!! Absolutely love it 👏

  21. but Community stories have been the ones getting them now. 🧐

  22. Yeah, no cc is what makes me eighter read it or not. I know I missed out on alot of amazing stories highly well done. Like I get if you use custom arm/leg overlays (you can still do it with limited cc though) now if you use full on overlays where the characters expressions change to a whole new animation then I understand, but don't do a "no cc" story and let it not even have limb overlays, don't get me started when they say "cc templates are too much to code" or the features are important because of her nationality? That still is no excuse imo, not every bristish person is blonde with blue eyes? Not every spanish/hispanic has black hair, and brown eyes? 🤨 what? I mean heck there are authors out there that give you full CC and still add in their time do limb overlays for every single skin tone, now that's dedication!

  23. I absolutely feel you. I do not understand where your cashiers are at!!! That should be your primary focus when ut comes to your associates, why in the living hell donyou only have 1 SINGLE cashier up front for 3 hours straight, only for the rest of the lot to come in afternoon all together, instead of interrupting your associates on the sales floor, they are doing their own thing, and EXPECT them to finish it that same day, WHILE being called up? HA, you are absolutely mistaken! Wtf, we are not robots? One of my ASM is always treating my team ridiculous. I'm getting absolutely infuriated at this point because this certain ASM is always rushing us to finish (when we are really doing our best going as fast as possible) while moving clearance, organizing, and scanning. We don't get it done? Expect a look of disapproval and "why" WHYYYYY??? Omg. This same ASM is sometimes chit chatting/on the phone while watching the associate bust their damn asses off sometimes needing help! I'm so done, me and my team are so so done with getting treated like animals sometimes.

  24. It's why I will never waist a god damn minute of my life on featured stories. Do all these author sign like some sort of agreement contract to humiliate the character within the first episode by the ridiculous over used cheating "ex" in order for the story to start? Only for it to follow with a gem choice to stand up for yourself or be ridiculed (free) 😃 catch me dead before reading these abominations of "fEaUtReD" crap episode. Like how can you have good community stories (some, not all authors) only for you to destroy your streak at making good stories with a sorry excuse of a featured story that looks to be written by a teen that is done over and over? 🤨

  25. I loose interest and adoration in authors when they begin to write featured stories... usually it sticks with them, and they will bring that into their community stories which makes it almost highly unsatisfying and disappointing to read. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It's like they almost all turn their community stories into featured stories 2.0 I'll stick with my Community Authors, they are the absolute rock and what keeps this app on the go. I'll gladly give my gems to them.

  26. This man, this man is what I call a 10/10 love interest. Beautiful, respectful, enchanting, and just an absolute charmer, my god. An actual dream. I love him sool much, not many can exceed the love I have for Kayson fron Finding Emerald. I literally was and STILL am gushing for this man. I want the author to come back ong, she wrote some beautiful love interests that literally worshipped the mc! 😭

  27. Omg, I cannot when Highschool stories are like this! Hence why I stopped reading majority of them, even though I am out of age range and prefer adult stories.

  28. Oh no they made NEW ones and they were as horrifying as you’d think they were 💀 you might be able to find a clip of them on the internet somewhere if you look hard enough, one story opened with the MC peeking into a room and you see the LI having sex with someone from behind… that animation will be burned into my brain forever

  29. Wait, when was this absurdness added? I read it the other day but got a bit bored, and didn't come across this... BUUUUUT, what? That is ridiculous. Automatic report.

  30. Are the choices in her stories really that difficult? I've been wanting to read her stories, but I always see people in this sub asking for help when it comes to the choices, and I just can't deal with that even if the plot sounds interesting.

  31. They are not that difficult, you just have to pay close (more than other stories) attention to the love interests preferences, or what he would like. I've noticed that in Both TBO and UHP, once you get past like the first chapters, you get the hang of it. However I will say some are worded quite odd which I even messed up on.

  32. woah, the scene itself is very disturbing. What even is this! Just to let you know the author responded saying "I can't do this anymore, this is the same reason I didn't want to fucking join this gaming contest " ...

  33. I remember seeing the ad on twitter and being like "this looks interesting" installed, then uninstalled, then installed again and it has been on phone to phone to phone for the past 9 years straight. Currently 23 and this is my go to app. 😹

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