1. try posting some pictures front on from chest level from as close to 10 ft away as you can get. ideally in some close fitting clothes that don't compress your body as well as a couple different outfits in a variety of shapes and fabrics. posed pictures are difficult to type from, especially since pictures aren't the best typing method anyway.

  2. I'm more familiar with east asian celebrity typings, but here's a few example of naturally dark eyed celebrities

  3. most of these look dope except the sabres and bruins. maybe i just realized i hate the color red though. the 'canes logo is very new and innovative.

  4. this doesn't look like a bug bite to me. it looks like you got bit by an animal of some kind. go to the doctor please.

  5. yes. i stumble over my words or ramble nonsensically often. i've gotten pretty good about stopping myself even just to take a deep breath to compose myself. often times i just say one second i've gotta thing about how to say this. it also takes me forever to process what people are saying

  6. preggo. looking at her neck and bum they don't look like they belong to a horse that has a belly that big.

  7. Kane’s donuts in MA are INCREDIBLE!!

  8. i was going to comment this!!!! kanes is awesome. violettes is a bit overrated in my opinion but it's probably because they never have anything left when go.

  9. my parents just made me eat whatever they were making, no alterations except maybe cutting something up smaller so i wouldn't choke. i'll eat anything now (except gluten but that's not by choice)

  10. i'm hoping i avoided it being diagnosed so early on, but i do think i would've been a couple inches taller had i not had 2 years of basically malnutrition from celiac disease

  11. i'd love to hear updates! i wanted to join a similar study near me but they only took celiac's diagnosed with endoscopy.

  12. In what weather would either outfit be appropriate? (This is a genuine question as someone who lives in a tropical country. I just don’t understand outfits that consist of short bottoms and layered tops lol)

  13. in fall or the spring or on cool summer nights you can often get away with wearing short bottoms if you keep your core warm. your legs might get a little chilly but it isn't as uncomfortable as if your arms and upper body were cold. it's also a good outfit if you're planning being inside. i'm from the new england area and even if it's warm out i bring a sweatshirt with me places because it could be 90°F around noon but 60° in the evening

  14. i personally am not a fan of them since they kind of remind me of tiles in the schools i grew up in. that said i think they can be embraced and are a unique feature original to the house, (i assume. if they aren't then i don't care about taking them out) and i'm usually not one to support removing original features.if you hate them and want to remove them it's your house so you can do what you want, but if you love them don't listen to others telling you to get rid of them.

  15. i have pretty fine hair and lose at least 4x as much as this in the shower and around the house. i often think about how lush my hair would be if all it just stayed in my head.

  16. the sims 3 or 4 and animal crossing. i've heard stardew valley is good but i can't figure out how to do things when i play

  17. celiac disease is probably one of the first things i tell people, i don't see any reason to be ashamed of it. i explain to them that i can't eat gluten and get very sick if i do, so eating out can be difficult. it has never once affected my dating. everyone i've dated has been very accepting and understanding of it and work hard to make sure i feel safe and comfortable eating with them. i think it's a bad idea waiting to tell her because i would be upset if someone hid something like that from me and it isn't your whole identity unless you make it. I'm sure you have hobbies and passions that are more important to you than your celiac disease. in terms of restaurants try find me gluten free. there are a bunch of restaurants that i've found that i feel safe eating at even though they aren't dedicated gluten free.

  18. She's always given me classic vibes, so i'd say SC or DC but i could see an argument for FG.

  19. i think it is good for a family barbecue! on some people it might be too revealing, but i think you wear it in a very classy way!

  20. damn, those are some hateful people. i'm more than happy to share trails with people and animals of all kinds as long as they're controlled and respectful. no one wants to be getting run down by a horse, dog, or mountain biker so just be respectful of each other and it won't be an issue.

  21. i have a green machine that did wonders on my couch, granted it was not velvety but i don't think it would damage the fabric (don't take my word on that). such a great find!!

  22. oh i have another one, i wish the knees, wrists, ankles and feet of sims were wider. they are so strangely skinny.

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