1. I’m SO peeved at the Cheerios. I was so PUMPED when husband brought home gluten free Honey Nut Cheerios for me, honestly all the gluten free cereal I’ve tried stinks.

  2. it's weird how i've never has any issues with the gluten free cheerios or oats. i'm usually pretty sensitive but they have never caused a reaction

  3. I haven’t either!! I eat them every day and I feel totally fine and my numbers are perfect.

  4. it's okay but unfortunate that they have been losing. im disappointed in the ineffective power plays and sloppy turnovers (especially by pasta recently what the heck?!) if they want to keep the winning train chugging along to the cup they'll have to clean up those parts of the game, and it'd be better sooner than later. losing a few times is normal, it's a lack of improvement in the areas of concern that i would be a bit more worried about in coming games. hopefully they kill it tomorrow! (tonight i guess actually)

  5. What is your goal after your Master's program?

  6. i definitely don't see myself teaching, ideal situation would be working at a design firm, research would be cool as well though! im totally open to hybrid/remote programs since i've done quite well with the virtual classes i took during covid.

  7. if my boyfriend (fiancé i guess, or is is fiancée?) spent more than $3000 on a ring i would be very upset.

  8. i'm ugly and have anxiety and don't know when to stop talking and sometimes i accidentally talk really loud or quiet and think everyone hates me.

  9. i think if i walked into a guys room and this was the art above the bed that he sexualizes women and i would probably dip. i don't think the art is bad per say i just don't like it and think it gives off the "women are sex objects vibe". i agree with the person that said if you make the room dark and moody with some other non woman art with a similar vibe it'd work. i'd also not have it over the bed maybe leaning against the wall on a dresser with other art around it.

  10. I think it would totally work if you don't mind losing a bit of functional space in the corner. you could also get a custom table for the corners the couch cuts off.

  11. i like the second one better, it draws your eyes up and complements the table nicely

  12. i don't know much about tortoises but i just want to say that every parent/pet parent makes mistakes and messes up sometimes. it happens. your tort is okay! and now you'll remember to set a timer or something for your tort baths. you are forgiven and have learned from this experience!

  13. When I was 14 I thought you put the condom on before the girl got to your house.

  14. i remember watching a tv show as a tween where the guy put on the condom before going to a dance where he thought he would get laid. in a show written by adults. luckily by the time i needed to use them i had learned better.

  15. boston is the same way. there's fun places to go out but not til the wee hours of the morning. most things close around 2/3am. not really the place to be if you loooove the club/party scene, i feel like london gives the same vibe in that sense. i'm totally fine with it i want to be home in bed by 1am anyway.

  16. that's just so unlucky. not his fault really, he just lost an edge it seems. poor guy.

  17. i do not tip my instructor, especially not if lessons are $70. i do give my instructor little gifts on their birthday or christmas or as a thank you for taking us a multiple day show. some people also get their instructor their coffee or bring them lunch if they have a long day at the barn. (i'd wait to bring coffee and food until you know them well enough to be aware of food allergies and preferences, or ask them if they'd like something)

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