Elon Musk praises Chinese workers and says “They won’t just be burning the midnight oil, they will be burning the 3am oil, they won’t even leave the factory type of thing, whereas in America people are trying to avoid going to work at all.”

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  1. “This time” my goodness. I can’t believe your family could possibly say you’re in the wrong. I’m so sorry 😢

  2. Why are you not equally as pissed at your mom for allowing this, and defending him?

  3. I also feel like at some point Emma was allowed to see the plates. She just never said.

  4. Honestly, my knowledge is shaky at best. I know some but what I know could be wrong and I’d feel bad if I told you something wrong. I recommend the Doctrines and Covenants Central and their other channels. They are who I learned from before I converted.

  5. If you are OK with the repercussions on you for doing so, then go for it.

  6. I saw an article about this. They'd roll up with a micro scooter, toss it in your trunk, drive you home in your own car, and then grab the scooter again to roll out.

  7. Maybe that is the same people that used to do this were I used to live. I move a lot, so I cannot remember which place it was.

  8. My city had a program for a couple years where you could call a taxi and it would bring two drivers. One would drive your car home. It cost the same as a regular taxi. Still almost no one took advantage. Although it was hard to get the word out that it existed.

  9. NTA hes not ready for a relationship as he has yet to let go of his previous one to let this one flourish and you should definitly not be getting married at this time. Sorry

  10. Also, there are reports of Amber being investigated for perjury, which I also provided links too. It’s thought to be very likely she will be investigated. I provided two links showing the reportedly being investigated. There’s also a motion for sanctions against Amber Heard for not turning in devices or making excuses delaying forensic testing, as you’ll see I provided a link for that.

  11. "reports" you mean like a bunch of people who don't know WTF they are talking about writing "articles"?

  12. You believe her. Did you watch her on cross? The lady gives no shits about being under oath. She lied over and over and over, completely on stand in a PUBLICLY TELEVISED TRIAL. Verified lies. Her story changed constantly.

  13. I agree pretty much with all of that. Except I don’t really use the basement so he’s welcome to stay there for exactly 3 months if he helps around the house. Most people can find a job in 3 months to stay afloat. Plus my basement kinda sucks, Kinda feel bad he’s even down there

  14. Oh I drafted a lease for him, so I have landlord rights. It’s not a robust lease just boilerplate stuff, but it’s exactly for this reason.

  15. As someone who has had to evict people, it is not nearly as easy as it should be.

  16. Yeah all life has intelligence and a spirit, even plants (and I'm pretty sure bacteria too) so they'll be ressurected along with us. I'm not sure about having pets though, I would guess not. But maybe your pet will occasionally hang out with you haha.

  17. I have to say I would agree. If all animals are resurrected and not just spirits in the eternities, they will all be free.

  18. Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

  19. The reason they are removing some of the old conference talks is because they go against the current teachings of the church.

  20. This was my EXACT question. I would’ve hightailed it out the first occurrence. I honestly would rather be homeless than be there. Especially if she is poisoning OP and potentially harming the baby. That’s a no for me.

  21. I had an employee that was pregnant with #6 and decided to run away in the middle of the night (FINALLY) because her husband told her once the 6th baby was born they no longer needed her alive and him or his parents weer going to kill her.

  22. It has been a few years now, at least 6, and she is SOOOOOOOOO much better off.

  23. In his home! She doesn’t live there. He gets to decide who is and isn’t in his room for whatever reason his heart desires.

  24. Yup, and she acted just as I would to a man child throwing a hissy fit about his BS's.

  25. NTA - this guy needs to get over it and just take a dump and move on.

  26. Been very happily married 12 years myself. Made sure he was the rite man for me before I got married.

  27. You mean like being "retired" and scrolling through almost a month or posts to find someone to make you feel important?

  28. Expecting someone to pay for an item u can’t pick up with their own money then u pay them back is insane. If u got anyone that agreed to do that u must give a hell of a blow job. I sure as hell am not trailer pack trash. Condo on the beach here. Listen woman u were desperate and asked for peoples opinions not me. Get a life!

  29. Unlike you, I don't have to whore my way through life. In your other posts, you also boasted on being a leach on your SO.

  30. They're just trying to keep good music in the services, they will probably be open to a discussion. There is nothing in the handbook that says the music has to be done on the organ. It's simply available as a resource.

  31. When I was in a tini branch, we used a CD player, but now you can download any of the songs on the app.

  32. That is kinda illegal. I mean they did tell you so maybe that covers their butt.

  33. I'll add more in a second, but I feel that looking at life as a proving ground or a test is detrimental, but I think looking at it as an opporunity to really change our nature and decide what we really want in life is the better way to examine our time on earth. A test makes it seem weird, but a period to decide who we are and what we want to be seems like a much healthier mindset.

  34. Something I have been pondering on that kind of touches on this is the following:

  35. I hope I don't sound argumentative, I'm genuinely curious about the topic

  36. Not at all. I remember a few years ago I was very interested in it because of the patient and I wanted to stop drinking sodas.

  37. What is in Yerba Mate is an combination of herbals similar to caffeine, but not chemically the same

  38. In what jurisdictions is it illegal for a 17 year old to date a 15 year old?

  39. I have a friend who’s parents made and exception for her to date younger because he was leaving on a mission.

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