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  1. String/orchestral versions of a bunch of pop songs (Royal Philharmonic I think--it had U2's "Beautiful Day" on it), several classic jazz albums (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus), a Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas album, a complete volume of Joseph Fielding Smith's Answers to Gospel Questions that I was gifted by a ward member, and a complete volume of The Divine Comedy I picked up at a garage sale.

  2. I like your style. I listened to Vitamin String Quartet while studying at BYU-Idaho, and I read selections from Dante for two classes. Hurray for culture!

  3. As a teenager and young adult still at home, my parents’ date night was my most productive. Dishes were my job, and I would turn on some fun music, sing along, and wash dishes.

  4. Went to five guys this weekend. I felt like it was quantity over quality. 😕

  5. I remember feeling terrible after the last time I had Five Guys.

  6. I second this, except I would keep the bucket since you need it for a task. It’s hard to replace those broom cabinet items.

  7. Always for events. Less so for the main game. (Also, the older levels are now out of date because the original editors can’t replay them to find out what has changed.)

  8. I have run into this problem. Tried to see what was left for the Stone Garden, but it wasn’t accurate.

  9. The hymnal has a list of all the authors in the back. LDS authors are marked with an asterisk, so you could start with ones not marked. Search for videos on YouTube to see if there's non LDS accounts making videos.

  10. I wouldn't be afraid to slip Come, Come ye Saints in there. It's uniquely LDS, but one that's actually made it into hymnals of other denominations.

  11. Does he have long eyelashes? I think that’s what did it for my kids, who were bald/ had short hair most of the times people thought they were girls.

  12. And boys tend to have longer, thicker eyelashes than girls. It’s so unfair.

  13. My mom always cut my dad’s and brothers’ hair, and now I cut my husband’s and son’s hair. My son is 5 years old and still squirms, but I manage to make it look decent. My set of clippers and accessories cost $20 at Walmart a few years ago, but it has saved so much money on my husband’s haircuts alone. He was paying $14 every 3-4 months.

  14. Getting my kids to stop treating my metal headboard and footboard as a jungle gym would be a nice start.

  15. I do the Tetris effect when packing my groceries 😂

  16. When I helped a friend pack to move, the boxes I packed were heavy because of the Tetris Effect.

  17. I wonder if your wife would learn the value of saying no if you started always saying yes to your son.

  18. Interesting. I have thought about this can you send the episode you mentioned? Is it a podcast?

  19. Haha loved it. Reading a story where a bartender tells a story about someone telling him a story

  20. But if you know that your house is not as clean as you like to and you want to change, and your husband “hates” it and also complains about it, we doesn’t HE help you and clean up the bathroom of tidied up a bit? Why make it all your responsibility? You’re not as your parents as you see the problem and want to solve it, you just don’t know how because you never learned to. It’s not your fault. You need help to learn how to keep a house tidy, and it’s also his home, so he is responsible too

  21. He works 40 hours a week, and I’m a SAHM. On his day off, he gets our 3yo to clean her room much better than I can. We have three young kids who are agents of chaos, and I’m used to shutting out the mess to cope.

  22. Don't be afraid to get professional help or have a friend come over.(you can trade days at each other's houses)

  23. I think Roddy has relationship issues and makes poor choices.

  24. I’ve only needed stools for the garage and benches for the flower garden, but I’m not in the house yet.

  25. How kind of you! Of course, your instructor won't know StrawberryAqua, but I hope willing to answer a question for me.

  26. Do you live with others? Do you have a dishwasher?

  27. I keep a cup in our vitamin cupboard for drinking water. I need it for taking pills anyway, I don’t have to use six-ten cups a day.

  28. My husband is out of town all weekend. The kids are getting frozen chicken nuggets while I get Thai delivered all weekend. The kids won't mind because they will get chicken nuggets and not spring rolls and I won't mind because I get spring rolls and not chicken nuggets. 😜

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