1. The hard part is figuring out is how to hone them. Meditation helps.

  2. I have been doing meditations more regularly nowadays. Funnily enough, I have started seeing synchronised numbers everywhere since then. Time, phone numbers, house numbers, just random things! And it’s every single day, multiple times a day. I really don’t know if it means something, but it’s so weird.

  3. I do believe that’s called synchronization.

  4. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. If you think you need techniques for successful manifestation, then you need it. You are who you think you are. If you have made up your mind about not being able to manifest, then you never will. The important thing about manifestation is to not try too hard. When you try too hard, you come from a place of desperation and lack.

  5. If I may ask, how did you genuinely feel emotionally during the time periods you were manifesting or as you say, you just knew they were gonna happen? Like not regarding the guy or the job, but just like, day to day what was your overall mood like? Obviously moods fluctuate of course, but how did you feel as a natural default? I hope that makes sense. What was your world view generally like? Did you feel optimistic about your future (in general, not necessarily regarding manifestations)? Or did you never think much about your future and just go with the flow?

  6. Since you mentioned depression, I’ll start with that. I have suffered from depression for over a decade and it was only in my late teens that I was diagnosed with it. But irrespective of how I mentally feel, I always make it a point to tell myself that this too shall pass. I am an optimistic person in general, but I suffer from phases of depression.

  7. Thanks! I'll manifest a happy state of mind then! I did a really good job today until I was informed my hours were going to be cut more. But I did a good job of not holding in my emotions by going to the bathroom to have a good cry. Righr now I'm trying to focus my thoughts on general comforting things like that everything will turn out okay. I'll also think of things that make me happy like my pets or my animal crossing game lol. I'm studying coding to turn my life around so I keep reminding myself of that as well.

  8. You are definitely in the right direction! Let yourself feel whatever you are feeling in the moment, but make sure you tell yourself that it’s going to be okay. This is important because it helps you build a faith in yourself and the universe. I am not religious, but I always believe that there is a force of energy that is much greater than us and working in our favour. Keep that unwavering faith. Whenever you feel depressed, that faith will help you. It has always helped me and motivated me to keep going. Wishing you all the best! :)

  9. predicted future events and read one persons mind

  10. Have you predicted any other future events after that? Do you get this “weird feeling” that something is going to happen?

  11. I’ll start off with why your manifestation isn’t working. When you have resistance (in your case it’s jealousy) towards something, you’ll find it incredibly hard to manifest it. You have to let go and just have faith that it’s yours. Don’t doubt that faith. You have put the thought out there, you have taken your first step towards manifesting it. Now visualise and live the end of your manifestation. Visualise it until you can actually feel the emotions you’ll feel when it happens. Then let it go and be patient.

  12. When you have resistance towards something you are more likely to delay it’s manifestation. You do have some hesitation in terms of manifesting him and you are not really sure what you want. Unless you are clear about what exactly you want and live it, it’s really hard to manifest it. I’d suggest that you think about it and get some clarity first, then visualise the end (for example, him telling you that he likes you or you guys talking again) and believe it in it. Once you feel that you have visualised it enough, let it go. It will happen, don’t doubt it! Even if he is still with the other girl, believe that he is yours and he will come back to you.

  13. I believe in it. The Shiba community is the most friendly and nontoxic community I have ever seen.

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