1. Inspiration:90s-2000s magical girl cartoons! Off duty teenager who’s obsessed with fairies finds out she’s a real fairy! (I was obsessed with Bloom from winx club growing up) (the book: occult, witchcraft and magic)

  2. Inspiration:90s-2000s magical girl cartoons! (the book: occult, witchcraft and magic)

  3. I love this look and vibe description completely. Very Debbie from the Adam’s Family Values…”but Debbie…pastels?” ❤️❤️😊 Fits your description perfectly!

  4. I still don't know my type and I gave up on it. I settled on something yin and that's all. I have curve(maybe double curve) + petite. This look is inspired by Rita Hayworth and make it yin. Thanks ❤

  5. I love this!! I’m a huge fan of Jungian psychology and Greek mythology, especially Persephone, so I’m really intrigued to see what you have come up with!

  6. I absolutely adore this! There is duality in being human and I felt that a lot of these systems left no room for that. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to more!

  7. You’re really bringing her character through! I love all the intrigue and glamour in that movie, and I think you captured it perfectly!

  8. I love the intensity of your gaze juxtaposed against the ballet costume. It really works.

  9. I love it op!! However, the website says it’s this painting, not Judith beheading Holofernes: Titania and Bottom (c.1790). Henry Fuseli (1741–1825). © TATE 2023.

  10. Thanks a lot but it was supposed to be an abstract representation with me being Judith

  11. I saw your Kibbe post the other day and actually wanted to comment about your versatility. So good to hear that a friend already pointed that out. Because I remember all your posts and was quite amazed about your versatility, a dance between yin and yang expression, it’s really a strength! And I wonder how important a Kibbe ID is for you when you can embody so many personas easily? Maybe you need more freedom in the moment? More possibilities?

  12. Yeah, I feel like I don't benefit from kibbe anymore. I took what was useful to me (waist emphasis and having a start with building use) and am ready to leave that space slowly. Whatever I do, I never reach the truth and my identity with what kibbe is sees for doesn't align at all. I started to really appreciate my creativity with fashion design, styling and sewing instead of trying be romantic type at all costs.

  13. IXFP The enchantress. I feel like amethyst key has a lot of connection with Fi.

  14. I love, love love your posts and I feel they resonate so beautifully with ISFP, the Artist.

  15. Wow!!!! Oh my goodness, did you make this? I adore this story and, especially, Artemisia Gentileschi's interpretation. There is

  16. First of all you are stunning, like siren stunning. Second of all i am in love with this dress where the hell did you get it

  17. In these pictures I see petiteness, softness, narrow shoulders, lower curve that benefits from accommodation and waist emphasis. Not sure about double curve - possibly. I’m not seeing vertical nor yin/yang contrast. Your wrists look quite delicate, hands small, very yin overall. How do you feel in R lines?

  18. love this insight, and the subtle changes to the outfit make a big difference!

  19. your style experiments are so fun and always so chic!

  20. I love it! You looks like either the outfit was made for you, or you were made for it! (If that makes any sense). I was going to say that your outfit would NOT work on me, but now that I’m thinking more, maybe it’s just that it’s not my usual style, and some variety of it would suit me well. (I’m a SG)

  21. Goldie you look incredible and so cool!

  22. Congrats on embracing your full self. Makeup was not something I was encouraged to explore due to parental judgement of what it would "express" .It took me time to find my voice and enjoy the expression makeup allowed me. There are days I don't feel the need for it, while others I adore the art of creating a look that I want to convey to the world.

  23. It can certainly be complicated because the difference is quite nuanced. For example, echoing what

  24. This is good advice. Basically I need to slow down and try stuff. I'm just so desperate to feel like myself again.

  25. Love both the outfits but especially the jacket and undone tie combo is lookin sharp, you have great style!

  26. This is so pretty! Did you use an app to make the collage?

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