1. A dog at Redfern station gave a false-positive on me for drugs. Was searched in front of everybody at peak hour and treated like a criminal. Aggressive stupid policemen say "dog doesn't lie" but of course have to let me go after they can't find anything and do their best to make me feel like shit. Fucked up system. The dogs make mistakes.

  2. Thank You so very much for your Help and Advice. You are a Life Saver! :)

  3. I love learning little things about professions I've never thought about. Like it seems so obvious when you think about it, that rubbish in a truck is flammable and people put volatile things in it and the best thing to do is dump the rubbish if a fire happens, but I've never thought about it.

  4. Saw this earlier, pretty much what these guys did, better off dumping the trash then letting the truck burn.

  5. this is somehow worse than when i walked on my housemate having sex on the couch and she just.. didnt stop.. like u have a bedroom im begging you to use it


  7. As title says, gift from my girlfriend, who heard me talking about Nikka whisky. She couldn't figure out which one I liked (it was a Taketsuru), so she chose one, but this is also super great, Nikka gave me a push to start loving Japanese whisky.

  8. My advice, open it, close it and let it sit for a week or two. When you first open it it's very harsh.

  9. It doesn't sound like a fun time from what he's told me. They can't access most of the airport unless they want to go through check in hassle again.

  10. I had a 3 day layover in Singapore once and it was the best, SIA gave us $50 Singapore dollars a day. I spent most of my time at a bar chatting to people and occasionally in the sleeping rooms. It's definitely the best airport to get stuck in.

  11. 3 days and you didn't just...go somewhere else in Singapore?

  12. Spot on, two flights back to Aus had issues and created a back log. They were prioritising families and people travelling together, I was just fine to chill.

  13. In your honor, I placed a single string of shredded cheese next to him. The sacrifice was accepted and he rewarded me by showing me his butthole. Love is love.

  14. I have placed string cheese in front of my girlfriend, but I haven't been rewarded with the showing of the butthole. Do I groom her hair or feed her more string cheese?

  15. I had two cats and one passed away from old age. They didn’t really like each other honestly. The remaining cat got depressed and just looked like shit. He stopped grooming, he looked scraggly. While they didn’t like each other that much, I think he missed having another living being in the house at all times with him. I adopted another cat about 6 months later and he did so much better. They’re 10 years apart in age but quickly became best friends. They’re always cuddling and grooming each other. When my old cat passes, I’ll have to get another to keep my new cat company. It’s a vicious cycle of “more cats!” But it really helps keep cats happy.

  16. Yea OP sounds like one of them guys who think they're tough so they cuss and talk loud to make themselves feel better.

  17. Yeah nah, this happened in Australia. It's nothing out of the ordinary, it's normal for Aussies to swear in casual daily conversations.

  18. I'm surprised nswnp hasn't done anything to clamp down on these "tours" Instagrubs take people on. Someone is always getting hurt trying to find these hidden "for the gram" locations.


  20. Meanwhile, Melissa Bulanhagui, who represented both the Philippines and the US in international figure skating championships is now in the adult industry.

  21. Lmao when you google her name, her profile extract looks fairly normal until you see in the middle "Movies: Huge Cock Fiends #5"

  22. Some person at the sports integrity has to go through his laptop, iPad and phone. I wouldn't want anyone else seeing my porn history, lol.

  23. Whoooooaaaa eyyyyyy wut? Officer I swear I was just trying to rub one out in the moonlight I had no idea there were kids around.

  24. OP better be out there yelling "this is my rifle, this is my gun, this is fighting and this is for fun")

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