1. I’ve been having this issue as well. Not title specific but seems to happen more often than not

  2. What do you mean? Are you talking about the tribe made up of Abraham and his descendants? Or a particular building he is said to have lived in?


  4. These are things I’ve added/used throughout the week in addition to the food. It’s just been a few times but I would like to transition from beef liver capsules to fresh liver

  5. Yes I did. In fact, I watched it again with my wife. It is interesting to say the least. I don’t even know where to start. The thing that stuck out to me were the thoughts on Jesus not bringing in a new Law and how it’s the Jews already set out to the Arabian area awaiting the prophet that was spoken of. That made me think about how the Jewish people back then were expecting two messiahs. This actually goes with another video I was just recommended so I’m definitely intrigued.

  6. I watched a video about the son of man and possible meaning and I also watched a few of these miracles of the Quran.

  7. That’s so stupid. I didn’t have to take a class for either kid’s baptism because the parish/priest knows us. Honestly, in this day and age if you’re baptizing your kid you’re probably well-versed on its importance.

  8. In our perish area, it doesn’t matter if they know you or not it’ll be 6 months of classes. For instance they start this month and baptize on Easter here. Wish we didn’t have to go through all this but it’s the only way. I definitely feel for OP. Because of this my kids (4 of them) are yet to be baptized.

  9. I never use to wear mine until one slipped out of my pocket and lost it. Now I do wear them around the neck but under my shirt. It’s not a fashion statement but much more so I try to not draw attention to it.

  10. So I’ve looked in our local theaters plus all the platforms and still no luck

  11. There is an church a block away from me and everytime I pass by, I get greeted by many nice people.

  12. Also to get the Melchizdek priesthood, you need to follow the commandments fully, abd whatever sin you were struggling with, you have to repent of it.

  13. I’m not a member of the church. Just was curious of what prerequisites were needed to be considered for the Melchizedek priesthood.

  14. My wife isn't Catholic. We've been married 20+ years. I prayed about it and said rosaries asking for discernment whether I should have proposed and here we are. I still continue to pray for her conversion. I can say that it's definitely forced me to become more knowledgeable with the faith, there are no lazy answers if that makes sense. I often think she is more catholic than me. She is kind patient, charitable, and all of those things that you would expect or should expect a Catholic to be, she just doesn't go to mass except on occasion. I'm a first responder and have been for the last 100 years, so to say I'm salty is an understatement. She has been very good for me. All I say is to pray about it for discernment and talk to some people that you trust. Talking to a priest would be good idea also if you haven't. I'll say a prayer for you!

  15. Never give up on those prayers. I was an atheist when my wife met me. She was a devout Catholic. For years she prayed for me and I didn’t make it easy. I found Christ and now I’m home. Prayers work but they work on Gods time.

  16. Never give up on those prayers. I was an atheist when my wife met me. She was a devout Catholic. For years she prayed for me and I didn’t make it easy. I found Christ and now I’m home. Prayers work but they work on Gods time.

  17. How was the gospel lost if these three never died? I never understood that

  18. How do you cook stew meat other than stews?

  19. I worked in a regional Family History Center and we would have people that thought they were the only members in their line find out that not only they were not but some work had been done on their line. I had one new member come in that had lots of things like this and thought why bother. He uploaded it and got a call during the week from a family member that he didn’t know about that saw it and wanted to know more about that line and ended up sharing almost 5 generations between the two of them.

  20. Hey my friend claims to believe in a religion that is not an Abrahamic religion. He is incredibly devoted to it and has changed his life for the better. He tells me that believing in his religion is the only religion that would allow me to avoid hell. Why should I believe him over your religion?

  21. Not my personal stance but I did hear a great argument as to why he didn’t die and that is if it’s truly God, he couldn’t die because that means God would seize to exist for a period which is against his nature according to the Old Testament. He would could die being the alpha and omega. Again, not trying to debate but just forwarding a thought I heard.

  22. I have to say I have some reservations about the answers given here. My son played with friends not of our faith. In high school he continued this and widened it. They convinced him the church was false and he left. My other son did the same, and his friends convinced him that drugs were OK. There's got to be some good balance somewhere. I think blanket tolerance isn't the answer

  23. We live in an area with some LDS Christians, but majority are not. We only really hang out with 1 other LDS Christian family, and my daughter actually doesn't like the girl her age at all. Most of her friends are from school, I know one is a generic Christian, but have no idea religion for the others. There is one family that's we have black-listed due to very inappropriate behavior from those kids, and has nothing to do with faith. When picking out friends, either for myself or influencing daughter's choice, I care about the values / quality of relationship. I don't remotely care about your religious affiliation.

  24. One thing I like to do is some ground beef with bacon and topped with two carnivore deviled eggs. Very filling and inexpensive. Also ground pork and eggs or chorizo and eggs is also very cheap and delicious.

  25. Firstly, no one is perfect. These things are easily fixable. If you believe God is all merciful all forgiving I’m sure that there’s a reason He’s called these names. Secondly, you weren’t born by accident. That’s all I have to say about that.

  26. Personally I don’t think it matters if you do a decade here or one there. You’re meditating on the Word of God. These prayers like Hail Mary are scriptural so saying while walking or cooking dinner is far better than not doing it at all.

  27. The GK was already aware that I was more than willing. Which is why this was also a bit of a shocker. We spoke about this a couple of times recently.

  28. It will depend on what shows up in your blood test. It won't inhibit you, but you may be rated. Make sure to disclose it in your underwriting questionnaire and explain why you use it, how much you use a day etc.

  29. Happy to help my man, I just know this sub is a little slow most of the time, so it may just be a better use of your time to talk to the sales guys.

  30. I agree to that. Just got off the phone with my sales rep and it is perfectly OK to handle it as a tobacco use for others who were wondering.

  31. I just bought a half cow for 3.99 a lb. The half was 382 lbs. best purchase for this lifestyle

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