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  1. Safari Thursday’s were a unit pastime. We even had a trophy made for the guy who bagged the largest wildebeest.

  2. China is just biding its time and will eventually be the only superpower left. It is not a matter of if… but when!

  3. PI Marine. The hills at Pendleton wouldn't have bugged me. I wrestled in high school and I'm tall. I was a legit humping machine.

  4. When I was there, enlisted Marines were banned from the Kadena E-club, anyone know if that’s still true?

  5. We were banned from there in the early 90s. Kinville was better anyways.

  6. That's a long ass bus ride just for some chow, my brother. I don't know about Schwab, but the chow halls at Hansen weren't that bad.

  7. Morning chow at our battalion's chow hall on Hansen was always on point.

  8. Ohio USA. Smoking on some basement grown Hindu and Candy kushes.

  9. Not from the US. What's up with fried chicken and collard greens?

  10. The story of a zombie apocalypse being started by Walter's blue meth.

  11. It takes big dick energy to embezzle money and commit tax fraud

  12. Man, I'm a combat veteran and use paddling and smoking to get away from PTSD. Screw some of these people. Fucking goobers.

  13. Do I click the link or not? I don't want to know what happens, but I want to know what happens.

  14. the only man that has enough balls to snort infinity stones. sorry I mean Infinity minerals.

  15. Did you fuck the body? Any semen involved? Did you suck on any nipples?

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