LPT: In your teenage years, keep track of all the music you listen to as much as you can cause the music you listen to during those years will stick with you for life and the feeling of going back to those songs when you’re older is quite euphoric and may trigger old memories.

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  1. Schecter are superb. Especially modern ones. The fretwork of my Indonesian Schecter is on a par with esp.

  2. I've had 2 and regret getting rid of them. every schecter I pick up plays and sounds good.

  3. I was younger and building up my fenders and gibsons, now I wish I had a more modern rocker with double humbuckers and easy neck. Waiting to find one for the right price and ill get one someday

  4. I believe Kim truly is an idiot.

  5. I feel like she is innocent and kind of a nomad. in a good way though. I would never dream of doing the things shes doing but it seems light hearted at least.

  6. I had one actually. Not like a real gibson imo. for the price I would go with a Seagull or used taylor. Martin will be hard to find at that price but on the same level.

  7. Haven't seen Seagull guitars mentioned. The S6 is about 500 new. I have martins and the seagull is my daily driver. easier to play actually and has amazing tone, I can only compare it too martin and taylor. if you can't find a martin or taylor, check out Seagull please.

  8. may the precious rest in peace. My old boy Buddy will keep Raichu company up there.

  9. I remember when that one knob vibe came out. great pedal. cool board too, nice work

  10. the ocd is fine in the 100 mA. is it maybe a bad cable powering the AR? sometimes its those little things and you should have extra new ones with the brick. Hope thats all it is. I have a regular iso brick and its been 100 percent for 3 years now

  11. If you might like something thats able to do low gain but also has more gain available than a fuzz face, check out the zvex mastotron. great used and new price. my favorite all around fuzz. can get away with fuzz face all the way past big muff.

  12. would love to see this. imagine if they could look past their differences and have kids, then a spin off.

  13. I’ve begun to use tube screamers more frequently now that I use a fender twin reverb as my main amp (1990 black panel reissue) and a fender pro jr iv for dirtier playing. I’m a bit late to the party obviously. I did own a standard edition previously however I sold it to acquire some other drive pedal without realizing how great it actually is.

  14. I use mine with a twin as well! it compliments the fender by keeping those chimey highs. I still have my plumes tone knob at about 20 percent though. great pedal. a little too much trebble available imo.

  15. Yeah it is extremely bright, I had to turn it down, but still not as bright as the jhs screamer.

  16. Wow I didnt know that. interesting. Also love the color, reminds me of the Detroit Tigers which is the team I grew up on.

  17. right after college I dropped my computer and lost the HD. music collection has never been the same.

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